SAS A00-470 Certification Exam Syllabus

Download SAS A00-470 Syllabus, SAS Visual Business Analyst Dumps, and SAS Visual Analytics PDF for SAS Visual Analytics Using SAS Viya preparationWelcome to your one-stop solution for all the information you need to excel in the SAS Visual Analytics Using SAS Viya (A00-470) Certification exam. This page provides an in-depth overview of the SAS A00-470 Exam Summary, Syllabus Topics, and Sample Questions, designed to lay the foundation for your exam preparation. We aim to help you achieve your SAS Certified Specialist - Visual Business Analytics Using SAS Viya certification goals seamlessly. Our detailed syllabus outlines each topic covered in the exam, ensuring you focus on the areas that matter most. With our sample questions and practice exams, you can gauge your readiness and boost your confidence to take on the SAS Visual Business Analyst exam.

Why SAS Visual Business Analyst Certification Matters

The SAS A00-470 exam is globally recognized for validating your knowledge and skills. With the SAS Certified Specialist - Visual Business Analytics Using SAS Viya credential, you stand out in a competitive job market and demonstrate your expertise to make significant contributions within your organization. The SAS Visual Analytics Using SAS Viya Certification exam will test your proficiency in the various syllabus topics.

SAS A00-470 Exam Summary:

Exam Name SAS Visual Analytics Using SAS Viya
Exam Code A00-470
Exam Duration 100 minutes
Exam Questions 50-55
Passing Score 67%
Exam Price $180 (USD)
Books / Training SAS® Visual Analytics 1 for SAS® Viya®: Basics
SAS® Visual Analytics 2 for SAS® Viya®: Advanced
SAS Visual Analytics for SAS Viya
Insightful Data Visualization with SAS Viya
Smart Data Discovery Using SAS Viya: Powerful Techniques for Deeper Insights
Exam Registration Pearson VUE
Sample Questions SAS Visual Analytics Certification Sample Question
Practice Exam SAS Visual Analytics Certification Practice Exam

SAS A00-470 Exam Syllabus Topics:

Objective Details

Data Sources and Data Items (20-25%)

Import data into SAS Visual Analytics - Import local data
- Import server data (Oracle, Hadoop, SAS)
- Differentiate between local and server data imports
Examine, modify, and create data items - Create and use parameterized data items
- Examine data item properties and measure details
- Change data item properties
- Create custom sorts
- Create distinct counts
- Create aggregated measures
- Create calculated items
- Create hierarchies
- Create custom categories
Select and work with data sources - Work with multiple data sources
- Change data sources
- Refresh data sources

Analyze Data (30-35%)

Create, modify, and interpret automatic chart objects for analyzing data - Identify the options available in an automatic chart
Create, modify, and interpret graph and table objects for analyzing data - Work with list table object
- Work with crosstab object
- Work with bar chart object
- Work with line chart object
- Work with scatter plot object
- Work with bubble plot object
- Work with histogram object
- Work with box plot object
- Work with heat map object
- Work with geo map object
- Work with treemap object
- Work with correlation matrix object
- Work with bubble change plot object
- Work with time series plot object
Create, modify, and interpret data analysis using report objects (i.e. adding fit lines, forecasting, network, path and text analysis objects, etc.) - Add fit lines to scatter plot and heat map object
- Work with forecasting object
- Work with network analysis object
- Work with path analysis object
- Work with text analytics object
Interact with objects for analyzing data - Control appearance of objects (options, ranks, display rules, sorting, etc.)
- Use filters on data source and objects
- Export data and images from objects

Build Reports (45-50%)

Create and modify list tables and crosstabs to build a report - Create and modify list tables
- Create table display rules
- Add sparklines
- Create and modify crosstabs
- Manipulate columns
- Change options for tables and crosstabs
- Create hierarchies from a crosstab
- Create and modify display rules
Create and modify graphs to build a report - Create and modify bar charts, targeted bar charts, waterfall charts
- Create and modify pie charts
- Create and modify line charts
- Create and modify scatter plots
- Create and modify time series plots
- Create and modify bubble plots
- Create and modify treemap
- Create and modify dual axis charts
- Create and modify key values
- Create and modify word cloud
- Create and modify butterfly chart
- Adjust options for graphs
- Create and modify geography maps
- Create and modify gauges
Create and modify controls, containers, and content to build a report - Place report objects in containers
- Given a scenario, select the appropriate container (stacking, prompt, etc.)
- Add text report objects
- Include dynamic text in a text object
- Add image report objects
- Add controls to reports
- Given a scenario, apply the proper controls
Design a report using pages and layouts - Layout the report and pages
- Move, duplicate, and change report objects
- Create and work with pages
- Modify report options
Add actions, filters, ranks and alerts to reports - Add actions within page
- Add links to other reports
- Add external links
- Add filters and ranks to report objects
- Add page prompts and report prompts
- Add actions to reports
- Work with parameters

The SAS has created this credential to assess your knowledge and understanding in the specified areas through the A00-470 certification exam. The SAS Certified Specialist - Visual Business Analytics Using SAS Viya exam holds significant value in the market due to the brand reputation of SAS. We highly recommend thorough study and extensive practice to ensure you pass the SAS Visual Analytics Using SAS Viya exam with confidence.

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