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Dell EMC Certification
  1. The logo I received is in eps format and I cannot open it. How do I use it?
  2. May I use the generic Dell EMC Proven Professional logo in advance of earning a specific level designation?
  3. What are the guidelines for using the Dell EMC Proven logo and title?
  4. I have passed all required exams but have not received my certificate. What is wrong?
  5. I have passed all required exams to achieve a given (Associate. Specialist. Expert) level. Will I receive a certificate from Dell EMC?
  6. How do I get re-accredited in order to maintain my status?
  7. How long Accreditation stands good for me?
  8. What is the process for completing the Accreditation tracks?
  9. How do I access Dell EMC Proven Professional Accreditation training?
  10. How do I access Powerlink?
  11. What do I need to get started in the Dell EMC Proven Professional Program?
  12. How do the testing stakes differ for the program levels?
  13. What is the difference between Dell EMC Certification and Dell EMC Accreditation?
  14. How much time my exam records takes to get updated on CertTracker?
  15. How do I track my Dell EMC Professional Program status?
  16. Can I retake exam I have already cleared?
  17. Is there a waiting period to retake the exam if I failed in any attempt?
  18. What could be the exam results?
  19. How to schedule an exam at Thomson/Prometric test centers?
  20. Where can I take the exam?
  21. Once I complete my coursework, what is my next step?
  22. Do I have to participate in training courses to take an exam?
  23. Where can I find a list of the Dell EMC education courses associated with the program?
  24. What are the levels of competency recognition?
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