SAS Visual Analytics (A00-470) Certification Exam Sample Questions

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SAS A00-470 Sample Questions:

01. When importing a Microsoft Excel file using local files, what changes can be made to the destination table?
a) Rename table
b) Hide columns
c) Format columns
d) Filter rows
02. A report designer can change the data source for a report. Which statement is true when the new data source is selected?
a) Data roles do not need to be updated with data items from the new data source.
b) Data roles for category classifications need to be updated with new data items.
c) Data roles for control objects need to be updated with new data items.
d) Data roles for data items that do not have the same name and classification need to be updated.
03. When sorting a list table object, which statement is TRUE?
a) List tables CAN be sorted by multiple hierarchies.
b) List tables CAN be sorted by multiple columns.
c) List tables CANNOT be sorted by a custom category.
d) List tables are automatically sorted in descending order by the first column.
04. A report designer wants to add animation to a bar chart. Which data item type should be added to the Animation role?
a) Date
b) Category
c) Measure
d) Geography
05. How does a report designer determine whether the values of a measure data item are unique?
a) Change the aggregation to maximum and compare the maximum value to the number of returned rows.
b) Right-click the data item and select Set as unique row identifier.
c) Open the Measure Details window and compare the total observations and distinct count statistics
d) Display the data item properties of the measure to determine if the measure has unique values.
06. Which object can be the source of an action?
a) Scatter plot
b) Crosstab
c) Time series plot
d) Forecasting
07. Which statement is TRUE when importing an Excel file with multiple worksheets into SAS Visual Analytics?
a) All selected worksheets are imported and concatenated.
b) You CAN choose the worksheet to be imported.
c) You CANNOT import Excel files with multiple worksheets.
d) All selected worksheets are imported and joined.
08. What happens when a report page is duplicated?
a) All objects, interactions, and page prompts are duplicated.
b) All page prompts are moved to the report prompt area.
c) The duplicated page is converted to a hidden page.
d) Interactions used in the page are NOT duplicated.
09. Which action creates a new measure that contains a count of the unique values for any particular category?
a) Right-click a category data item in the Data pane and select New calculation, then select Distinct count.
b) Right-click a category data item in the Data pane and select Create unique values.
c) Expand the properties of the data item in the Data pane and change the Classification to Measure.
d) Expand the properties of the data item in the Data pane and change the Aggregation to Count.
10. When working with the text topics object, what must the report designer set in order to use it in a report?
a) Category
b) Measure
c) Sentiment collection
d) Unique row identifier


Question: 1 Answer: a Question: 2 Answer: d
Question: 3 Answer: b Question: 4 Answer: a
Question: 5 Answer: c Question: 6 Answer: b
Question: 7 Answer: b Question: 8 Answer: a
Question: 9 Answer: a Question: 10 Answer: d

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