SAS A00-251 Certification Exam Syllabus

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The SAS Certified Specialist - Administration of SAS Viya 3.5 credential is globally recognized for validating SAS Viya Administration knowledge. With the Administering SAS Viya 3.5 Certification credential, you stand out in a crowd and prove that you have the SAS Viya Administration knowledge to make a difference within your organization. The SAS Certified Specialist - Administration of SAS Viya 3.5 Certification (A00-251) exam will test the candidate's knowledge on following areas.

SAS A00-251 Exam Summary:

Exam Name SAS Certified Specialist - Administration of SAS Viya 3.5
Exam Code A00-251
Exam Duration 110 minutes
Exam Questions 60-65
Passing Score 65%
Exam Price $180 (USD)
Training SAS Viya Administration: Fast Track
Exam Registration Pearson VUE
Sample Questions SAS Viya Administration Certification Sample Question
Practice Exam SAS Viya Administration Certification Practice Exam

SAS A00-251 Exam Topics:

Objective Details

Managing a SAS Viya Environment - 40%

Understand and administer programming run-time servers - Administer SAS Studio Basic and SAS Studio Enterprise.
- Identify the process owner.
- Lockdown options for compute and workspace servers.
Administer the CAS Server - Add and remove worker nodes in an MPP environment.
- Manage CAS server roles.
- Understand CAS server configuration files.
- CAS resource management
- CAS disk cache
- Add CAS Server.
Update a SAS Viya deployment - Update SAS License.
- Determine the appropriate circumstances under which to run the Ansible playbook (i.e. hotfixes, etc.)
- Review software order.
- Apply hotfixes.
Backup and restore SAS Viya environment - Perform ad hoc backup.
- View backup and recovery history.
- Modify backup schedule.
- Perform full or partial recovery from a backup.
- Use the SAS backup manager in SAS Environment Manager.
- Backup other components of the Viya deployment that are not included in default and binary backups.
Understand and administer Viya servers and services - Start/Stop servers and services in the correct order in a distributed environment.
- Start/Stop an individual server/service.
- Understand server components.
- Given a scenario, define which server or service is utilized.
Understand SAS Viya architecture - Determine the type of environment (distributed, individual, programming only, etc.).
- Determine when to define the backup controller CAS server.
- Design environment for high availability and fault tolerance.

Monitoring, logging and troubleshooting in a SAS Viya Environment - 17%

Monitor the SAS Viya Environment - Modify logging levels using Environment Manager.
- Evaluate resources available.
- Diagnose server and service problems using logs.
- Monitor CAS sessions.
- Review server configuration information.
- Monitor services using the machines page.
- Monitor your environment using
- Use the SAS-Ops CLI to monitor your environment.
- Monitor using the Healthcheck CLI.
Understand the SAS Viya Operations Infrastructure - Manage the Operations infrastructure data mart.
- Create reports from the operations infrastructure data.
- Explore system and audit reports.
Manage server logging - Configure server logging (SAS logging facility and other configuration options).
- Manage SAS configuration server Logging.
- Manage run-time server logging (loggers, appenders, logging thresholds).

Identity and User management - 12%

Manage SAS Viya identities - Identity synchronization with ldap: identity filtering, identity caching; configuration properties
- Manage membership of custom groups and CAS roles (understand difference between groups and custom groups).
- CASHostAccountRequired Custom Group
- Reset sasboot password if necessary or not required.
- Set up assumable custom group SAS Administrators.
- Set up membership to CAS superuser role.
- Modify memberships to other custom groups.
Manage external credentials - Create authentication domains.
- Make a distinction between authentication domains, connection domain, and encryption domains.
- Manage stored credentials.

Content and Functionality Management - 18%

Promote content in SAS Viya - Import content from SAS 9.4: folders, reports, explorations; libraries and tables for LASR and Base; most metadata groups; most explicit access control entries (ACES) for promoted objects.
- Import content from SAS Viya 3.x: folders, reports, data plans, statistical models, etc.; all direct access controls for promoted objects; all direct rules for promoted objects.
- Use EVM or the CLI tools to promote and map resources.
Manage and secure SAS Viya Content - Navigate the folder content structure: short cuts; predefined folders; child members; reference members.
- Create folders through EV or CLI; view content properties…
- View and edit authorization for folders and folder objects.
- Manage access to folders and objects (through authorization window in EV; CLI; rules page in EV); Sharing.
- Troubleshoot authorization issues.
Administer Access to functionality - Modify rules in order to limit or grant more access to the capabilities of Viya applications.
- Give users, groups, and custom groups access to functionality.

Data management in SAS Cloud Analytic Services (CAS) - 12%

Create and manage caslibs - Understand CAS data architecture.
- Understand loading data into CAS memory.
- Use an authentication domain in a caslib definition.
Perform data management tasks - Manage CAS authorizations.
- Manage User-defined formats.
- Automate data refresh from a caslib.

The SAS has created this credential to assess the knowledge and understanding of a candidate in the area as above via the certification exam. The SAS Viya Administration (A00-251) Certification exam contains a high value in the market being the brand value of the SAS attached with it. It is highly recommended to a candidate to do a thorough study and also get a hand full of the practice to clear SAS Certified Specialist - Administration of SAS Viya 3.5 exam without any hiccups.

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