QlikView System Administrator (QV12SA) Certification Exam Sample Questions

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Qlik QV12SA Sample Questions:

01. A system administrator needs to build redundancy into a QlikView Server environment for 2500 concurrent users. A single QlikView Server must support no more than 1000 concurrent users.
How many QlikView Servers are needed?
a) 2
b) 3
c) 4
d) 5
02. Which two features are added to the QMC when QlikView Publisher is also licensed?
(Select two.)
a) Scheduled reload tasks
b) QVD creation
c) API support
d) Application level security
e) Document distribution
03. A system administrator observes that reloads in QlikView Distribution Service are taking a longer than usual, and sometimes tasks fail before they start.
Which are three reasons for this behavior?
(Select three.)
a) Too many tasks are trying to run or start simultaneously, which causes t' tasks to be queued and possible retries to run out
b) The QlikView Directory Service Connector is NOT running
c) Physical resources on the server running the QlikView Distribution Service are exhausted or sub-dimensioned
d) The QlikView Management Service is configured with the wrong username or password
e) Some tasks have triggers that start the tasks simultaneously as others are running
04. Users report longer load and response times of QlikView documents on the AccessPoint. Document administrators report reload tasks take longer to finish running on the server than on local QlikView Desktop clients.
All QlikView services run on a single server, and no more resources can be assigned to the server. 
How can a system administrator improve the performance?
a) Add an additional server, and move either QlikView Server or QlikView Distribution Service to the new server
b) Add an additional server, and move the QlikView Directory Service Connector to the new server
c) Re-install QlikView Server to reset resource usage
d) Add an additional server, and move the QlikView WebServer Service to the new server
05. A system administrator is examining the QlikView Server Event Log, but is only seeing error messages. The system administrator needs to view messages about documents loading and unloading in the server.
Which setting must the system administrator select to view this information?
a) Set Event Log Verbosity to "Low"
b) Check Enable Session Logging
c) Set Event Log Verbosity to "High" 
d) Check Enable Audit Logging
06. A Publisher reload task has failed. A system administrator finds this message in the task log: 
Error: Document open call failed. The document might require username and password. 
Which is the most probable cause for this failure?
a) The task failed to distribute the document
b) The QVB hung during the reload of the task
c) QlikView was unable to save the document after reload
d) The QlikView Service Account does not have sufficient permissions to the Section Access table
07. Which QlikView service controls the QlikView Batch component?
a) QlikView Management Service
b) QlikView Distribution Service
c) QlikView Server Service
d) QlikView Web Server Service
08. A system administrator needs to create a task with the following requirements: 
- Specific users should be allowed to create Server Objects
- The QlikView document should be removed from RAM one hour after the last user session ends 
Which two actions should the administrator take to meet the requirements?
(Select two.)
a) Set the Document Timeout on the Performance tab to 60
b) Select Session Collaboration on the Availability tab
c) Select Named Users on the Server Objects tab
d) Set the Maximum Inactive Session Time on the Performance tab to 360 
e) Select All Authenticated Users on the Server Objects tab
09. An organization has large datasets and owns a dedicated QlikView Server with 256 GB of RAM. A system administrator must make sure the server has the maximum amount of RAM to load the data and perform the calculations. 
Which option should the system administrator modify?
a) Increase the value of Working Set High from 90% to 95%
b) Increase the value of Maximum Number of Concurrent Sessions from 5000 to 7500
c) Decrease the value of Working Set Low from 70% to 55%
d) Decrease the value of Object Calculation Time Limit from 60 to 30 seconds
10. A system administrator is planning an environment with the QlikView services distributed across multiple servers. The administrator wants to optimize the performance of Publisher tasks.
Which two services should be installed on the same server?
a) Distribution Service and WebServer Service
b) Management Service and Server Service
c) Server Service and Distribution Service
d) Management Service and Distribution Service


Question: 1 Answer: c Question: 2 Answer: b, e
Question: 3 Answer: a, c, e Question: 4 Answer: a
Question: 5 Answer: c Question: 6 Answer: d
Question: 7 Answer: b Question: 8 Answer: a, c
Question: 9 Answer: a Question: 10 Answer: d

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