Success story: My SAS Advanced Predictive Modeling Certification!

Hey all,
I am so happy to be here and write this, I have successfully passed the SAS Advanced Predictive Modeling Certification today and I have done this with the help of the practice exam module provided by this web at very reasonable cost. I have taken access to this web 15 days back when I was finished my studying the textbooks and other material I was having. As that was the time when I need to start testing my understandings from the learning till then, so I have started taking the practice exam and as they are providing the option to evaluate the attempt, it was so helpful as I was knowing where I was wrong. 
This has helped a lot and I have started improving after every practice exam. when I gave the first exam, at my surprise, I got only 64%. This was due to the twisted question and identical and confusing answers, this has to lead to making me the mistakes and I failed. So after evaluating, I was knowing where am I making mistakes. After almost 3 attempts, I have learned on how not to select the wrong answer in confusion and do not get trapped in the question setter's trap like options. This process has not just helped me improve on my abilities but also on confident. I have today cleared the exam A00-225 with 92% makes. 
Thank you so much, Team