Tableau Desktop Associate Certification Exam Syllabus

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The Tableau Desktop Certified Associate credential is globally recognized for validating Tableau Desktop Certified Associate knowledge. With the Tableau Desktop Certified Associate Certification credential, you stand out in a crowd and prove that you have the Tableau Desktop Certified Associate knowledge to make a difference within your organization. The Tableau Desktop Certified Associate Certification exam will test the candidate's knowledge on following areas.

Tableau Desktop Associate Exam Summary:

Exam Name Tableau Desktop Certified Associate
Exam Code Desktop Associate
Exam Duration 120 minutes
Exam Questions 36
Passing Score 75%
Exam Price $250 (USD)
Books Desktop I: Fundamentals
Desktop II: Intermediate
Exam Registration Loyalist Exam Services
Sample Questions Tableau Desktop Certified Associate Certification Sample Question
Practice Exam Tableau Desktop Certified Associate Certification Practice Exam

Tableau Desktop Associate Exam Topics:

Objective Details Weight
Data Connections - Connect to Tableau Server
- Describe connection options
- Connect to different data source types
- Join tables from single and multiple databases
- Prepare Data for Analysis:
  • Blending
  • Metadata Grid
  • Pivot
  • Union
  • Data Interpreter

- Explain data extract formats and capabilities
- Create extracts with multiple tables
- Explain performance considerations between blends, joins, and cross-database joins
- Use Automatic & Custom Split

Organizing & Simplifying Data - Understand how to:
  • Filter data
  • Sort data
  • Build groups
  • Build hierarchies
  • Build sets
Field & Chart Types - Explain the difference between measures and dimensions
- Explain the difference between discrete and continuous fields
- Explain how to utilize Tableau-generated fields
- Understand how and when to build:
  • Histograms
  • Heat maps
  • Tree maps
  • Bullet graphs
  • Combined axis charts
  • Dual axis charts
  • Scatter plots
  • Cross tabs
  • Bar in bar charts
  • Box plots

- Use titles, captions and tooltips effectively
- Edit axes
- Use mark labels and annotations

Calculations - Understand how to:
  • Manipulate string and date calculations
  • Create quick table calculations
  • Use level of detail (LOD) expressions
  • Explain different types of LOD expressions
  • Use Ad-hoc calculations
  • Work with aggregation options
  • Build logic statements
  • Build arithmetic calculations
  • Build grand totals and sub-totals
  • Use calculations in join clauses
Mapping - Navigate maps, including:
  • Pan & Zoom
  • Filtering
  • Map layering
  • Custom territories
  • Lasso & Radial selection
  • Geographic search

- Modify locations within Tableau
- Import and manage custom geocoding
- Use a background image map
- Connect to spatial files

Analytics - Use the following in visual analysis:
  • Reference Lines
  • Reference Bands
  • Trend Lines
  • Trend Model
  • Forecasting
  • Drag & Drop Analytics
  • Box Plot
  • Reference distributions
  • Statistical summary card
  • Instant Analytics
  • Data Highlighter
Dashboards - Build dashboards and stories
- Create dashboard actions
- Design dashboards for viewing on devices
- Utilize visual best practices for viewing on devices
- Describe publishing & sharing options

The Tableau has created this credential to assess the knowledge and understanding of a candidate in the area as above via the certification exam. The Tableau Desktop Certified Associate Certification exam contains a high value in the market being the brand value of the Tableau attached with it. It is highly recommended to a candidate to do a thorough study and also get a hand full of the practice to clear Tableau Desktop Certified Associate exam without any hiccups.

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