Tableau Architect (TCA-C01) Certification Exam Sample Questions

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Tableau TCA-C01 Sample Questions:

01. Which Tableau component is responsible for caching and performance acceleration?
a) Data Engine
b) VizQL Server
c) Backgrounder
d) Extracts
02. How can Tableau Server performance be optimized?
a) By limiting the number of users
b) Through regular server restarts
c) By optimizing extracts and efficient design
d) Using only basic visualizations
03. What does the term 'Node' refer to in Tableau Server deployment?
a) A data point in a visualization
b) An individual server in a distributed environment
c) A user account
d) A type of data connection
04. A 'Gantt Chart' in Tableau is typically used for:
a) Sales data analysis
b) Real-time data tracking
c) Geographical mapping
d) Tracking project timelines
05. Which component is essential for a scalable Tableau Infrastructure?
a) High-speed internet
b) Distributed server environment
c) Single node setup
d) Desktop-only deployment
06. In Tableau Infrastructure, what is a 'Cluster Controller'?
a) A visualization tool
b) A component for user management
c) A server monitoring and coordination tool
d) A data encryption service
07. What is essential for maintaining user access control in Tableau Server?
a) Managing groups and permissions
b) Regular password resets
c) Disabling guest access
d) Frequent server reboots
08. Why is network bandwidth important in Tableau Server deployment?
a) For faster software download
b) For user authentication processes
c) For enhanced data encryption
d) For efficient data transfer and visualization loading
09. In Tableau, what is a 'Performance Recorder' used for?
a) Recording user sessions
b) Tracking data changes
c) Diagnosing performance issues
d) Encrypting data transfers
10. Which of the following is a Tableau file extension?
a) .tbwx
b) .xlsx
c) .html
d) .java


Question: 1 Answer: a Question: 2 Answer: c
Question: 3 Answer: b Question: 4 Answer: d
Question: 5 Answer: b Question: 6 Answer: c
Question: 7 Answer: a Question: 8 Answer: d
Question: 9 Answer: c Question: 10 Answer: a

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