Tableau Consultant (TCC-C01) Certification Exam Sample Questions

Get TCC-C01 Dumps Free, Tableau Consultant PDF and Dumps, and TCC-C01 Free Download for comprehensive exam preparation.Welcome! Preparing for the Tableau Certified Consultant (TCC-C01) certification exam can be a daunting task, but we're here to make it easier for you. Here are the sample questions that will help you become familiar with the Tableau TCC-C01 exam style and structure. We encourage you to try our Demo Tableau Consultant Certification Practice Exam to measure your understanding of the exam structure in an environment that simulates the actual test environment.

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Tableau TCC-C01 Sample Questions:

01. When planning data connections, what is a key consideration for data security in Tableau?
a) Encryption of data at rest
b) Aesthetic of security interfaces
c) Frequency of password changes
d) Number of administrators
02. In the context of data preparation, what is data cleansing?
a) Configuring data encryption settings
b) Selecting specific data sources
c) The process of identifying and correcting errors or inconsistencies in data
d) Configuring network switches
03. What is a best practice when setting up data connections in Tableau?
a) Regularly changing data sources
b) Using complex SQL queries
c) Limiting user access
d) Ensuring data consistency
04. When evaluating the current state, what aspect is crucial for Tableau performance?
a) Data volume
b) Dashboard color scheme
c) Number of users
d) Data source location
05. Which factor is crucial when preparing data connections for performance optimization?
a) Data source file size
b) Frequency of data updates
c) Color coding in data visualization
d) Number of dashboard filters
06. Which of the following is an example of a key performance indicator (KPI) that may be used in evaluating the current state of a project or system?
a) The color of data cables
b) Project completion date
c) Historical data analysis
d) Employee names
07. Why is it important to use clear and descriptive names for calculations and formulas in a workbook?
a) To choose data cable colors
b) To prioritize data access permissions
c) To enhance workbook readability and maintainability
d) To determine the color of data cables
08. What is an effective method for troubleshooting slow workbook performance in Tableau?
a) Adding more visual elements
b) Using more calculated fields
c) Increasing server memory
d) Reducing the data extract size
09. How does responsive design benefit Tableau dashboards?
a) It ensures dashboards look visually appealing on any device
b) It increases the loading time of dashboards
c) It allows for more data to be displayed
d) It requires additional plugins
10. When designing calculations in a workbook, what is the first step in the process?
a) Selecting specific colors for cell formatting
b) Defining the desired outcome and logic of the calculation
c) Choosing data sources
d) Configuring network switches


Question: 1 Answer: a Question: 2 Answer: c
Question: 3 Answer: d Question: 4 Answer: a
Question: 5 Answer: b Question: 6 Answer: b
Question: 7 Answer: c Question: 8 Answer: d
Question: 9 Answer: a Question: 10 Answer: b

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