SAS Data Curation (A00-223) Certification Exam Sample Questions

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SAS A00-223 Sample Questions:

01. Which is NOT defined as part of the New Library Wizard?
a) the type of library
b) the metadata name for the library
c) the location of the library
d) the operating system where the library is assigned
02. You use the PROC DQSRVSVC in a SAS program to pass data to a service that was written in DataFlux Data Management Studio. Where does the service execute and process the data?
a) DataFlux Data Management Studio
b) DataFlux Data Management Server
c) SAS Application Server
d) SAS Application Server
03. A user is looking at the Basic Properties pan, as shown below.
The Number of Rows attribute shows Row count is disabled. Why is the row count disabled?
a) The "Enable row count on basic properties and data viewer for tables" global option is not set.
b) No physical dataset exists for the Customer table metadata object.
c) The table's "Enable row count on basic properties and data viewer for tables" option is not set.
d) The user does not have read permissions on the folder where the physical dataset is stored.
04. Which directive allows you to write custom DS2 code?
a) Run a SAS program.
b) Run a Hive program.
c) Query or Join Data in Hadoop.
d) Profile Data.
05. Consider the following three data sets and the Pig program statement. What is the expected behavior?
A = { a1:chararray, a2:int}
B = { b1:chararray, b2:int, b3:float}
C = { c1:chararray, c2:int, c3:float, c4:double}
Pig Program Statement:
D = JOIN A BY (a1, a2),
B BY (b1, b2, b3),
C BY (c1, c2, c3);?
a) statement runs successfully
b) statement gives a compile error JOIN can happen only on two data sets at a time
c) statement gives a compile error that the JOIN columns have to equal number for all three data sets
d) statement gives a compile error that the keyword INNER or LEFT OUTER or RIGHT OUTER or FULL is missing
06. Which statement about writing explicit SQL pass-through code is true?
a) You can use any SAS programming method, naming DBMS tables as input.
b) All the code you write will execute in the DBMS instead of in SAS.
c) Automatically generated DBMS SQL might unintentionally cause all processing to happen in SAS instead of the DBMS.
d) You must be able to write native DBMS SQL code.
07. In Hadoop, what is the purpose of the YARN component?
a) HDFS file metadata management
b) data distribution and replication
c) job scheduling and resource management
d) HDFS file permissions and security
08. Consider the partial data job flow shown below:
Match codes fields were generated based on these fields:
The Clustering node is "over matching". Therefore, it is finding matches where there should NOT be matches.
What can you do in the Clustering node to prevent "over matching"?
a) Specify a different Cluster ID field.
b) Specify "Single row clusters only".
c) Add more conditions perhaps involving more of the match code fields.
d) Specify "Sort output by cluster number and remove duplicates".
09. SAS data quality functions in SAS Federation Server are implemented as what type of object?
a) FedSQL views
b) DS2 methods
c) QKB definitions
d) BASE data services
10. After running the following SAS program, what is the format of the HDFS file underlying the Hive table
libname myhdp hadoop server='mysrvr' user='me' password='mine'
a) Parquet
b) Text
c) Sequence
d) Avro


Question: 1 Answer: d Question: 2 Answer: b
Question: 3 Answer: a Question: 4 Answer: a
Question: 5 Answer: c Question: 6 Answer: d
Question: 7 Answer: c Question: 8 Answer: c
Question: 9 Answer: b Question: 10 Answer: b

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