A00-211: SAS Certified Base Programmer for SAS 9

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Pass SAS Base Programmer (A00-211) Certification exam with our premium practice exam. With tons of experience in the field of SAS analytics, our expert panel has designed this practice exam which completely simulates the SAS Certified Base Programmer for SAS 9 exam pattern and format. We at AnalyticsExam.com, have maintained exam structure, time limit and marking system same as SAS Certification. Our experts have included more practical questions which are the most frequently asked in SAS Certified Base Programmer for SAS 9 Certification.

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The sample exam has basic base SAS certification questions related to A00-211 Certification; you may find scenario based questions in your SAS Certified Base Programmer Certification exam which needs more dedication and attentions to understand each question. That is why we strongly recommend you to practice with our premium SAS Certified Base Programmer for SAS 9 Certification practice exam.

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  • I highly recommend SAS-Exam.com! I studied for about a month and a half. Last 2 weeks I just did the SAS-Exam Practice Exams. I gave the SAS.com Practice Exam the day before my actual certification test and got scared because I only got 48%. Spent the rest of the day before the exam, reviewing all the problems that I had gotten wrong along the way and what do you know? Day of the exam I passed the actual exam with a 79%! God Digiti Dang! Some of the questions were verbatim from the SAS-exam Practice Exams, so definitely give them! I gave 4 PRactice Exams on SAS-Exam.com and only passed the last one with a 77%.
    Just to note, my background consists of 2 or 3 previous college level computer courses and a lot of experience with VBA in Excel. I also am familiar with C++, Matlab, R, etc. I spent a month studying using the free SAS course on SAS.com and bought the SAS Certification Prep Guide Base Programming for SAS 9 3rd Edition. Last two weeks just took practice exams and reviewed my mistakes thoroughly. Highly recommend reading the SAS Documentation Online also! Hope this helps fellow SAS Base Programmer aspirants. I did notice it is difficult to get information on how to study for the SAS Certifications, so this is my contribution! Good Luck!!

    Jan 11 2016 - 21:52
  • I am thankful SAS-EXAM provides this platform for me to practice the exam questions. The practice exams are just very similar to the real exam. The more I practice the better I am. I got 92% in the actual exam. Next step, I am going to prepare for the advanced SAS programming now. 

    Dec 1 2015 - 14:42
  • I passed the exam with 85% with only 1 week as the member of SAS-Exam. This is the real thing! 
    I will start to practice for the advanced SAS programming now.

    Nov 28 2015 - 20:37
  • A very big thanks to sas exam, because i practice 2 exam per day for 3 weeks i got 95% in actual exam. The question was almost similar except few conditions, but you should know the basics too which i think little sas would cover. My sugesstion to all who are preparing for sas exam try this SAS-EXAM. Its really helpful.

    Nov 28 2015 - 15:11
  • I started preparing for the exam 4 months ago but not very intensively - my preparation plan was to work on 2 chapters of 'Learning SAS by example' a week (up to Chapter 21). I also used 'Little SAS book' but there were no excercises there. I started testing at SAS-exam 1 month before the actual exam, I took 12 tests in total and they proved to be very helpful. The exam questions were similar althought please beware of the small differences that might be misleading.There were also some question with free text field (eg how many variables in the output data set or how many observations). If you are not sure about the anwer please take your time to think how SAS operates and what the values are at complilation phase. It is very important to understand the SAS mechanics in order to pass the test. Good luck to you all!

    Nov 17 2015 - 20:30
  • After a complete study of the preparation guide, i have started my practice in sas-exam.com .
    I really suggest this premium exam pack to every one who want to score a good percentage in the final certification exam.
    I can say this confidently as i scored 95% afer my regorous practice which made my happiness touch the sky. 

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  • Hello Sas exam team,
    I just completed my base SAS exam, (I am still in the test center!!) I got my results and I passed!!! Not just pass, I got 90% !!! I owe it to u and ur awesome team.. I was preparing for months studying all the text books I could get hold of, but I was still nervous !! I bought ur premium subscription just 4 days before my exam date..and I was hugely disappointed when i failed the first 2 exams. But I didnt give up! I took encouragement from the fact that my scores improved even if i failed 2 practice tests..so i studied the topics where I went wrong again and kept practicing and practicing like u said until i started getting 90% and above in more than 10 practice tests! When I got 100% in one of the tests, I cant put in words what a confident booster that was!!
    Thank you so much team! 
    U and ur team helped me make all my efforts fruitful!! 
    Thank you!!

    Nov 5 2015 - 05:17
  • Thanks for providing the mock tests , cleared BASE SAS certification.

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  • Have had a great experience on one certificated before also and today have done with Base certification by passing with 89%. I strongly recommend to all who are preparing for certification exam. Highly satisfied, value for money.

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  • I highly recommend the practice exams on SAS-EXAM.COM to prepare for SAS certification exams. The practice exams were a great resource for me to prepare and get through the actual certification exam on the first try. Also, the SAS-EXAM.COM support team were very courteous to extend my access for a couple of extra days (beyond my subscription) till the day of my test. Overall great experience and well worth the money spent.

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