SAS A00-278 Certification Exam Syllabus

A00-278 Syllabus, A00-278 PDF Download, SAS A00-278 Dumps, SAS Visual Business Analytics Dumps PDF Download, SAS Certified Specialist - Visual Business Analytics 7.5/8.3 PDF DownloadThis page is a one-stop solution for any information you may require for SAS Certified Specialist - Visual Business Analytics 7.5/8.3 (A00-278) Certification exam. The SAS A00-278 Exam Summary, Syllabus Topics and Sample Questions provide the base for the actual SAS Visual Analytics 7.5/8.3 Analysis and Design exam preparation, we have designed these resources to help you get ready to take your dream exam.

The SAS Certified Specialist - Visual Business Analytics 7.5/8.3 credential is globally recognized for validating SAS Visual Business Analytics knowledge. With the SAS Visual Analytics 7.5/8.3 Analysis and Design Certification credential, you stand out in a crowd and prove that you have the SAS Visual Business Analytics knowledge to make a difference within your organization. The SAS Certified Specialist - Visual Business Analytics 7.5/8.3 Certification (A00-278) exam will test the candidate's knowledge on following areas.

SAS A00-278 Exam Summary:

Exam Name SAS Certified Specialist - Visual Business Analytics 7.5/8.3
Exam Code A00-278
Exam Duration 100 minutes
Exam Questions 55-60
Passing Score 68%
Exam Price $180 (USD)
Training SAS® Visual Analytics 1 for SAS® Viya®: Basics
SAS Visual Analytics 2 for SAS® Viya®: Advanced
Exam Registration Pearson VUE
Sample Questions SAS Visual Business Analytics Certification Sample Question
Practice Exam SAS Visual Business Analytics Certification Practice Exam

SAS A00-278 Exam Topics:

Objective Details

Data Sources and Data Items (29%)

Import data into SAS Visual Analytics - Import local data
- Import server data (Oracle, Hadoop, SAS)
- Import social media data
- Differentiate between local, server, and social media data imports
Examine, modify, and create data items - Create and use parameterized data items
- Examine data item properties and measure details
- Change data item properties
- Create custom sorts
- Create distinct counts
- Create aggregated measures
- Create calculated items
- Create hierarchies
- Create custom categories
Select and work with data sources - Work with multiple data sources
- Change data sources
- Refresh data sources

Analyzing Data (21%)

Create, modify, and interpret automatic chart objects for analyzing data - Identify the options available in an automatic chart
Create, modify, and interpret graph and table objects for analyzing data - Work with list table object
- Work with crosstab object
- Work with bar chart object
- Work with line chart object
- Work with scatter plot object
- Work with bubble plot object
- Work with histogram object
- Work with box plot object
- Work with heat map object
- Work with geo map object
- Work with treemap object
- Work with correlation matrix object
- Work with bubble change plot object
- Work with time series plot object
Create, modify, and interpret data analysis using report objects (i.e. adding fit lines,
forecasting, network, path and text analysis objects, etc.)
- Add fit lines to scatter plot and heat map object
- Work with forecasting object
- Work with network analysis object
- Work with path analysis object
- Work with text analytics object
Interact with objects for analyzing data - Control appearance of objects (options, ranks, display rules, sorting, etc.)
- Use filters on data source and objects
- Export data and images from objects

Building Reports (50%)

Create and modify list tables and crosstabs to build a report - Create and modify list tables
- Create table display rules
- Add sparklines
- Create and modify crosstabs
- Manipulate columns
- Change options for tables and crosstabs
- Create hierarchies from a crosstab
- Create and modify display rules
Create and modify graphs to build a report - Create and modify bar charts, targeted bar charts, waterfall charts
- Create and modify pie charts
- Create and modify line charts
- Create and modify scatter plots
- Create and modify time series plots
- Create and modify bubble plots
- Create and modify treemap
- Create and modify dual axis charts
- Create and modify key values
- Create and modify word cloud
- Create and modify butterfly chart
- Adjust options for graphs
- Create and modify geography maps
- Create and modify gauges
Create and modify controls, containers, and content to build a report - Place report objects in containers
- Given a scenario, select the appropriate container (stacking, prompt, etc.)
- Add text report objects
- Include dynamic text in a text object
- Add image report objects
- Add controls to reports
- Given a scenario, apply the proper controls
Design a report using pages and layouts - Layout the report and pages
- Move, duplicate, and change report objects
- Create and work with pages
- Modify report options
Add actions, filters, ranks and alerts to reports - Add actions within page
- Add links to other reports
- Add external links
- Add filters and ranks to report objects
- Add page prompts and report prompts
- Add actions to reports
- Work with parameters
Share and print reports - Distribute reports
- Print reports
- Email reports

The SAS has created this credential to assess the knowledge and understanding of a candidate in the area as above via the certification exam. The SAS Visual Business Analytics (A00-278) Certification exam contains a high value in the market being the brand value of the SAS attached with it. It is highly recommended to a candidate to do a thorough study and also get a hand full of the practice to clear SAS Certified Specialist - Visual Business Analytics 7.5/8.3 exam without any hiccups.

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