SAS A00-223 Certification Exam Syllabus

A00-223 Syllabus, A00-223 PDF Download, SAS A00-223 Dumps, SAS Data Curation Dumps PDF Download, SAS Certified Professional - Data Curation for SAS Data Scientists PDF DownloadThis page is a one-stop solution for any information you may require for SAS Certified Professional - Data Curation for SAS Data Scientists (A00-223) Certification exam. The SAS A00-223 Exam Summary, Syllabus Topics and Sample Questions provide the base for the actual SAS Data Curation Professional exam preparation, we have designed these resources to help you get ready to take your dream exam.

The SAS Certified Professional - Data Curation for SAS Data Scientists credential is globally recognized for validating SAS Data Curation knowledge. With the SAS Data Curation Professional Certification credential, you stand out in a crowd and prove that you have the SAS Data Curation knowledge to make a difference within your organization. The SAS Certified Professional - Data Curation for SAS Data Scientists Certification (A00-223) exam will test the candidate's knowledge on following areas.

SAS A00-223 Exam Summary:

Exam Name SAS Certified Professional - Data Curation for SAS Data Scientists
Exam Code A00-223
Exam Duration 110 minutes
Exam Questions 65-72
Passing Score 67%
Exam Price $180 (USD)
Training Introduction to Data Curation for SAS Data Scientists
SAS Data Management Tools and Applications
SAS and Hadoop
Additional SAS Data Management Tools and Applications
Exam Registration Pearson VUE
Sample Questions SAS Data Curation Certification Sample Question
Practice Exam SAS Data Curation Certification Practice Exam

SAS A00-223 Exam Topics:

Objective Details

Working with SAS Data Integration Studio (20%)

Describe SAS Data Integration Studio basics - Navigate the interface.
- Investigate global options.
- Navigate SAS folders tree.
- Investigate SAS Metadata.
Create Metadata for Source Data - Define administrative tasks to be performed for SAS Data Integration Studio.
- Describe the New Library Wizard.
- Use Register Tables wizard to register source data.
- Register metadata for external files.
Create Metadata for Target Data and Jobs - Describe features of the New Table wizard.
- Investigate steps for building a job.
- Discuss components of Join's Designer window.
- Create a custom transformation.
- Investigate various transformations (Extract, Summary Statistics, Join, Set Operators, Splitter)

Ensure the accuracy of data (20%)

Describe the structure of the SAS Quality Knowledge Base - Describe the QKB component files.
- Describe various definition types.
Use DataFlux Data Management Studio - Create and review data profiles.
- Create data jobs for data improvement.
- Apply QKB components to address data quality issues.
- Use data enrichment to create categorical data elements.
Use SAS Data Quality Server - Configure SAS to the QKB
- Use procedures and functions

Techniques for Working with Big Data (40%)

Describe the key concepts of the Hadoop ecosystem - Describe the Hadoop architecture
- Describe HDFS, MapReduce and YARN
- Use HUE
Query and manage Hadoop data using Hive and HiveQL - Explain the functionality of Hive
- Use the HiveQL Data Definition Language
- Explain the Hive SerDes and storage formats
- Query Hive Table using HiveQL
Query and Manage Hadoop Data using Pig and Pig Latin - Explain the functionality of Pig
- Describe the anatomy of a Pig script
- Use Pig Latin to manage HDFS data
- Describe Pig User Defined Functions
Access HDFS and Invoke Hadoop Applications from SAS - Invoking Pig programs with PROC HADOOP
- Executing HDFS commands from SAS programs
- Transfer data between SAS and Hadoop
- Using data step to read and write HDFS data
Use the SAS/ACCESS SQL Pass-thru Facility - Access Hive data using explicit SQL pass-through
- Investigate hive metadata
- Create SQL procedure pass-through queries
- Create and load hive table with SQL pass-through EXECUTE statements
- Resolve hive string data type issues in SAS
Use the SAS/ACCESS Libname Engine - Use the SAS language to process Hive tables
- Assess and maximize performance use of the SAS/Access libname engine
- Query Hive table to create SAS reports, views, and tables
- Create Hive tables
Use DS2 Programming to manage Hadoop data - Write DS2 programs
- Read data using DS2
- Work with variables, arrays, and ANSI SQL data types
- Use expressions and functions in DS2 programs
- Work with Methods, Packages, and Threads
Use SAS Data Loader to manage Hadoop data - Explain the functionality of SAS Data Loader for Hadoop
- Explain the use of directives to ingest data into Hadoop
- Work with transformations to cleanse data in Hadoop
- Work with directives to blend data in Hadoop
- Create job flows using directives

Special Data Management Topics (20%)

Connect to data using SAS/ACCESS - Describe SAS/ACCESS software
- Describe methods for accessing relational database data
- Explain performance considerations in using SAS/ACCESS methods
- Assess efficiency of SAS/ACCESS methods used during code development
Virtualize data with SAS Federation Server - What is Data Federation, Data Virtualization, and Data Disclosure?
- Working with the SAS Federation Server
- Configuring Data Services and Connections to Disparate Data Sources
- Creating Federation SQL Views, Caches, and DS2 Queries
- Working with SAS Federation Server Security
- Accessing Data on SAS Federation Server Data
Process IoT Streams in Real Time with SAS Event Stream Processing - Introduction to SAS Event Stream Processing
- Build SAS Event Stream Processing Models
- Use SAS Event Stream Processing Studio
- Use SAS Event Stream Processing Windows
- Use SAS Event Stream Processing Connectors and Adapters
Work with SAS Data Governance technologies - Explain Data Governance and the Data Governance Life Cycle
- Use SAS Business Data Network to manage the business data glossary (terms, term types, and hierarchies)
- View Data Relationships in SAS Lineage

The SAS has created this credential to assess the knowledge and understanding of a candidate in the area as above via the certification exam. The SAS Data Curation (A00-223) Certification exam contains a high value in the market being the brand value of the SAS attached with it. It is highly recommended to a candidate to do a thorough study and also get a hand full of the practice to clear SAS Certified Professional - Data Curation for SAS Data Scientists exam without any hiccups.

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