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  • Hey Team, Thank you for your support during my practice and learning time here at for my certification on MS SQL DB i.e 70-464. I have given the exam today and cleared with 86%. 

    Dec 12 2018 - 04:53
  • Hello,
    Thank you team I have achieved the much required certificate. Thank you once again as this will add up lot weight in my profile.
    For those who read this, I have just practised one week as I was not having time, but this web has all the required question in place. I got 91%. Thanks. 

    Dec 11 2018 - 05:45
  • Exploration and design using SAS visual analytics certification was a dream for me, and today I was able to live it as I have taken access here at they got all required question and a very good way to learn by giving exam and evaluation the given exams to identify the mistakes and learn from it. 

    Dec 10 2018 - 12:58
  • SAS exam Advanced predictive modeling was easy to pass with this web based practice exam, a good preparation tool for all of like me. 
    I have used for 10 days and was able to pass the exam. 
    Thank you to the Analyticsexam team.

    Dec 9 2018 - 09:36
  • Super........  I have passed the SAS Base A00-211 today and I am so happy I can not express in words.
    A Big Thanks to the web and the team who prepared the questions.
    I have encountered almost the same questions I practised. This has boosted my confidence so high that now I am ready for the next SAS certificate, for sure with your help.
    Thank you. 
    Kate Etaiva

    Dec 8 2018 - 21:10
  • Hey there, I have been in the same field from 1 year and from last three months I have become serious on taking certificate exam to get myself certified. This is very important guys,  as I know the difference in getting good job calls once you add a certificate to your bio. 
    So, when I was doing my first SAS cert, yes, SAS Base for sure, and I was sure, I will do that easily as I had some hands-on experience. However, that is not true, I failed the exam and learnt a lesson. I know know, I can do this but, I need a proper push. that Got here at I Got Good score in SAS Base and directly jumped on to SAS Clinical trials accelerated and this time I got even better result. I got 93% maks. 
    Very, very happy!

    Dec 8 2018 - 05:27
  • I have today clear the certification named Designing and Implementing Microsoft Azure Data Platform. All the question I practised here were there on the exam, so very easily passed.

    Dec 7 2018 - 12:53
  • Hey there all, Myself Nick and I have recently purchased a premium practice exam access here at for DellEMC Data Science Associate. I have used the service for two weeks and appeared for the certification exam. I have scored nice in the certificate, that to with time left for the first time in my life as all the question I answered were known and did not require many efforts.

    Dec 6 2018 - 12:12
  • I took the exam and passed it today; this was my second attempt.  Some of the questions were verbatim from these practice tests.  There were many questions that I have never seen before and I struggled in finding the right answer.  I revised and repeated the practice exams until I consistently scored 90% and above, and I think I might have taken the practice exams close to 50 times before I was confident enough to sit for the actual exam.  This is a great way to study and learn the material.  

    Dec 5 2018 - 19:44
  • Yes, as many of other testimonials on this web reads, this web help a lot to those who are preparing for their SAS certificates. 
    I have believed, a good amount of efforts must have gone in to create such a wonderful course. The questions here are handpicked keeping in mind the course content and exam histories, as all the topic from the subject is covered and many similar questions I faced during the exam. 
    Very happy with the web, I recommend to all. 

    Dec 5 2018 - 03:56