Why to learn Analytics and especially SAS

One common question we keep encountering is what is a career path in the field of Analytics?

Career growth is relatively quite high in the field analytics compare to an MBA professional and especially for SAS programmer. A person is having a valid certification on analytics skills like Advanced Analytics, Business intelligence or data management & administrations.As we explained the career path of an analyst, one important question should be asked by one aspired to get into the field of analytics “Which is the best analytics software to learn?”

The answer is, SAS is undisputedly uncrowned king in the market however there many other players in the market starting from individuals to billion dollars Corporate. SAS hold the largest market share in advanced analytics, and their tools are highly efficient in handling huge size of data

The Below chart shows relative proportion of mention of a statistical tool in “JOB REQUIREMENT” on 4000 jobs posting on various job sites in 2012-13.

There are many questions keep popping up in the mind of anyone considering analytics as a career. A career in the field of analytics is very bright and especially person having SAS Certification. SAS Programmers are hot cake in the market of analytics SAS analytical tool have a lion share as high as 52% plus.


The big demand for analytics, data mining, and data science professionals led to a significant jump in their salaries in 2013. Salaries are highest in the US, Australia/NZ, and among self-employed and industry data scientists. See details as per the 2013 KDnuggets Annual Salary Poll.

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