Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification: Preparation Guide & Practice Test Questions to Earn It in 2022

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Give your Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification preparation a boost with reliable practice tests. Learn more about the certification and get ready to pass the exam on your first attempt.

Overview of the Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification Exam:

The Tableau Desktop Specialist certification exam is a one-hour long with multiple-choice questions. Some of the questions asked in the exam come with multiple responses.

There are scenario-based questions too, which need hands-on knowledge with Tableau products. The Tableau Desktop Specialist exam is offered on a Windows Virtual Machine platform that contains Tableau Desktop. The number division in the exam also changes depending on the question type. Generally, scenario-based questions are given more marks. You need to get 70% marks to pass the exam. The certification exam is available in languages like English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, German, French, International Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese.

How Does the Tableau Certification Help You?

  • Earning the certification reflects your keen interest and expertise in the tool, which helps you gain various clients' trust. You can help the team with their data visualization challenges and conduct training sessions internally and for clients as well. Thus you will earn great benefits with your career.

  • Official Tableau Desktop Specialist certification proves that you have good knowledge and tested skills regarding the subject matter. The certification also proves that you can work in a fast-paced environment, which is a critical competency. The certification badge gives confidence to hiring managers.

  • According to research, Tableau has been known as a Leader in the Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms for several years now. Tableau is constantly growing and adding new features as the industry requirements develop. No doubt, Tableau professionals have a bright future as Tableau continues to be in high demand.

Target Audience for the Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification Exam:

The Tableau Desktop Specialist exam is suitable for candidates with foundational skills and knowledge regarding Tableau Desktop. The candidate must also possess three months' experience to apply the skills in the product.

Prerequisite to Take the Tableau Desktop Specialist Exam:

There are no prerequisites for the tableau desktop specialist exam. Every aspirant learns at his pace, and daily use of Tableau also depends on different parameters. Experience with the product is needed to pass the exam smoothly.

Topics Covered under the Exam Syllabus:

You must be covering the following topics through the certification preparation-

  • Exploring & Analyzing Data

  • Connecting to & Preparing Data

  • Understanding Tableau Concepts

  • Sharing Insights

Preparation Guide to Pass the Tableau Desktop Specialist Exam:

Register for the Exam:

Loyalist Exam Services manage the Tableau Desktop Specialist exam. You can directly register for the exam from the official website. Once you do the registration at the beginning, planning for the exam becomes easy.

Read from the Visual Analysis Best Practices:

Tableau offers a guidebook for the tableau desktop specialist exam. A candidate can apply for the whitepaper and earn knowledge from the whitepaper provided by Tableau. Covering all the syllabus domains is essential if you want to pass the exam on your first attempt. In the syllabus sections, the Exploring & Analyzing Data domain covers most parts of the syllabus. Therefore, cover this domain carefully. Keep more time for the higher percentage syllabus section, but learn from all the domains.

Utilize Free Training Videos:

If you want to learn how to prepare, analyze, and share your data, Tableau videos are for you. You can watch free videos regarding the certification exam. In these videos, Tableau has offered knowledge about different topics like the tableau prep builder, the cleaning step, the profile pane, the pivot step, the union step, and many other aspects of the exam.

Learn from the Experts via Tableau Desktop I Fundamentals Training:

The Tableau Desktop, I Fundamentals Training is a two-day instructor-led training course where you learn from the experts. You learn via in-class training and additional self-paced eLearning through the training.

Widen Your Knowledge with Sample Questions:

Tableau's official preparation guide some sample questions, which could give you an idea about the questions to be asked in the actual exam. But don’t be dependent on the official material only. You must explore other beneficial questions over the internet and boost your knowledge base with it.

Depend on Practice Tests for Self Assessment:

Are you ready to appear for the Tableau Desktop Specialist certification exam? You can easily check it by taking online practice tests. Undoubtedly, you need to have practical experiences, but solving practice tests will allow you to face scenario-based and multiple-choice questions, just like the real exam. Therefore, practice rigorously to boost your confidence to the next level.

Bottom Line:

Certification from Tableau can present a lucrative path to career growth, given Tableau’s well-established position in the market for data visualization. Earning the Tableau Desktop Specialist certification boosts your confidence and offers the ability to prove your skills and stand out in the crowd.

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