SAS Viya Fundamentals of Programming (A00-415) Certification Exam Sample Questions

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SAS A00-415 Sample Questions:

01. Which action from the table action set lists the files in a caslib's data source?
a) tableInfo
b) caslibInfo
c) tableDetails
d) fileInfo
02. A CAS table has a CHAR column called FirstName with a length of 10. How many bytes are used to store the value "Inez" in the column FirstName?
a) 4 bytes
b) 8 bytes
c) 10 bytes
d) 20 bytes
03. The dataPreprocess.impute action preforms data matrix (variable) imputation. Which imputation methods can be used?
04. What does CAS stand for in CAS language programming?
a) Centralized Analytical System
b) Cloud Analytic Services
c) Clustered Analytical Server
d) Computerized Analytical Software
05. You want to use the MEANS procedure to summarize data using the CAS server. Which statement is true?
a) Statistics that are supported by PROC MEANS are also supported on the CAS server.
b) You must specify a CAS engine libref with the input table name.
c) You must sort the data before using BY-group processing on the CAS server.
d) All PROC MEANS statements are supported for CAS processing.
06. What are two valid data types for a CAS table column?
(choose two)
a) varchar
b) binary
c) varbinary
d) decimal
07. Which statement about the CASL language is true?
a) All CAS-enabled procedures are converted to CASL behind the scenes to run in CAS.
b) CASL runs actions on both the SAS Compute Server and in CAS.
c) Actions in CASL are grouped into PROCs, and optional information is provided with parameters.
d) CASL code is submitted to the CAS server using PROC CASUTIL.
08. You want to generate totals and averages by year for a very large Teradata table using SAS Viya programming methods. What is the most efficient way to achieve this?
a) Load the table into CAS memory and use a CAS procedure to summarize it.
b) Summarize the data using a SAS in-database procedure.
c) Create a SAS dataset copy of the table, load it into CAS memory and summarize with a CAS procedure.
d) Read the table directly with a SAS summary procedure that executes on the Compute Server.
09. When specified on the PROC SUMMARY statement, which statistic causes processing to occur on the Compute Server?
a) MIN
d) STD
10. Assume all caslib names follow libref naming conventions. Which code assigns librefs of the same name to each caslib?
a) caslib _all_ assign;
b) caslib assign _all_;
c) caslib libref assign;
d) caslib assign libref;


Question: 1 Answer: d Question: 2 Answer: c
Question: 3 Answer: a Question: 4 Answer: b
Question: 5 Answer: b Question: 6 Answer: a, c
Question: 7 Answer: a Question: 8 Answer: b
Question: 9 Answer: c Question: 10 Answer: a

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