SAS Visual Business Analytics (A00-278) Certification Exam Sample Questions

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SAS A00-278 Sample Questions:

01. Which statement is TRUE when importing Microsoft Office Access files into SAS Visual Analytics?
a) All selected tables are imported.
b) You can import one table at a time.
c) You cannot import Microsoft Access files.
d) All tables are imported.
02. Which option CANNOT be added to a scatter plot or heat map?
a) Linear
b) Quadratic
c) Cubic
d) BSpline
03. How can a report designer create a page in a report that is not visible to the end user?
a) Right-click the page name and select Hide Page.
b) Remove all interactions from the pages.
c) Edit the page authorizations and deny Read access.
d) Change the foreground page color to white.
04. Which part of the user interface allows you to change the classification of a measure data item?
a) You cannot change the classification of a measure data item.
b) Right-click the data item in the Data pane and select Convert to category.
c) Select Options in the Data pane and select Change classification.
d) Use the Category role in the Roles pane.
05. What type of data items are required to create a dual axis bar-line chart?
a) one category and one measure
b) two categories
c) two measures
d) one category and two measures
06. Which option is NOT found in the File Specifications section when importing a delimited text file?
a) Specify the input file delimiter.
b) Specify the number of scanned rows.
c) Specify the range of imported rows and columns.
d) Specify the source encoding.
07. Which statement is TRUE about report alerts?
a) Alert notifications can be sent to subscribers via email.
b) Alert notifications are only sent to the user that created the alert.
c) Alert notifications are only sent when the report is open.
d) Alerts can be set on an individual object and the entire report.
08. A content developer creates a display rule for a crosstab. What changes can the display rule apply to the crosstab?
a) Rows can be color highlighted.
b) Individual cells can be color highlighted.
c) The brightness of the crosstab can be changed.
d) The crosstab can be hidden if no results are returned by the display rule.
09. Which statements pertaining to multiple data sources in a report are TRUE?
(Choose two.)
a) Different objects on a page can use data items from either data source in their roles.
b) A report prompt can be applied to different data sources if the prompted data item can be mapped between the data sources.
c) A data source filter on one of the data sources can be applied to all data sources through data actions.
d) Cardinality thresholds for a report limit the number of rows processed in each of the data sources
10. Which object supports adding a sparkline?
a) Crosstab
b) Time series plot
c) Line chart
d) List table


Question: 1 Answer: c Question: 2 Answer: d
Question: 3 Answer: a Question: 4 Answer: b
Question: 5 Answer: d Question: 6 Answer: c
Question: 7 Answer: a Question: 8 Answer: b
Question: 9 Answer: a, b Question: 10 Answer: d

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