SAS Platform Administrator (A00-250) Certification Exam Sample Questions

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SAS A00-250 Sample Questions:

Q 1: The location of the repository manager physical files can be found in:

A.  SAS Management Console.

B.  the metadata server's omaconfig.xml file.

C.  the foundation repository.

D.  the metadata server's sasv9.cfg file.


Q 2: Every SAS platform implementation includes:

A.  a foundation repository and a repository manager.

B.  a foundation repository and a custom repository.

C.  a custom repository and a repository manager.

D.  multiple project repositories.


Q 3: Which procedure allows a platform administrator to update table metadata?






Q 4: Which statement regarding pre-assigned libraries is true?

A.  Pre-assigned libraries reduce the initialization time for a workspace server.

B.  Pre-assigned libraries always connect to an RDBMS at server initialization.

C.  Pre-assigned libraries always connect to a base SAS library at server initialization.

D.  Pre-assigned libraries do not have to be identical across all SAS client applications.


Q 5: A platform administrator needs to retrieve from the metadata a complete LIBNAME statement including the user ID and password. 

To complete this task, the platform administrator must be connected to SAS Management Console with what type of user access in the metadata?

A.  Access to the credentials associated with libraries created with the METALIB procedure.

B.  Access to credentials established by the LIBNAME engine.

C.  Access to credentials associated with users in the outbound login.

D.  Access to credentials for the authentication domain associated with the database server.


Q 6: By default, which groups have WriteMetadata on the Foundation repository?






Q 7: Given the following authorization settings for Library Sales2:

         Library Sales2's parent folder has an explicit grant of RM for Mary.

         Library Sales2 has an explicit denial of RM for PUBLIC.

Which statement is true?

A.  Mary can see Library Sales2.

B.  Mary can see data flagged as PUBLIC in Library Sales2.

C.  Mary cannot see Library Sales2.

D.  Mary can see Library Sales2, but not any data flagged as PUBLIC.


Q 8: Which statement is FALSE regarding the WriteMemberMetadata (WMM) permission?

A.  By default, it mirrors the WriteMetadata permission.

B.  It only applies to folders.

C.  If WriteMetadata is granted, then you should not deny WMM.

D.  WMM is inherited from one folder to another folder.


Q 9: A user needs to access data in a cube. The user has the following characteristics:

         is in Enterprise Guide: OLAP role

         does not have Read and ReadMetadata permissions for the cube.

What will be the result when the user attempts to access data in the cube?

A.  The user will be able to access the data since Read and ReadMetadata permissions are not required.

B.  The user will be able to access the data since they are using Enterprise Guide.

C.  The user will be able to access the data since they are in the OLAP Role.

D.  The user will not be able to access the data.

Q 10: What authentication services are available to SAS IOM servers?

A. Username/Password, Integrated Windows Authentication, SAS token authentication and Prompt

B. Username/Password, SAS internal authentication, SAS token authentication

C. Username/Password, Integrated Windows Authentication, Smart Card

D. Username/Password, Integrated Windows Authentication, Prompt


Question: 1 Answer: B Question: 2 Answer: A
Question: 3 Answer: D Question: 4 Answer: C
Question: 5 Answer: D Question: 6 Answer: B
Question: 7 Answer: C Question: 8 Answer: D
Question: 9 Answer: D Question: 10 Answer: A

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