SAS Advanced Analytics Professional (A00-226) Certification Exam Sample Questions

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SAS A00-226 Sample Questions:

01. Which two statements are true regarding the use of the IMPVAR statement to create implicit variables?
(Choose two.)
a) The number of IMPVAR statements cannot exceed the number of declared variables.
b) The IMPVAR statement is optional, but can reduce computational overhead.
c) The implicit variable(s) created in the IMPVAR statement cannot be directly referenced in the objective function.
d) The IMPVAR statement allows complex expressions to be built and referenced so they do not need to be repeated each time they are used.
02. What is the best measure for variable selection for incremental response models?
a) Weight of Evidence
b) Information Value
c) Net Information Value
d) Net Weight of Evidence
03. Based upon your Time Series Exploration, you determine the series contains no trend component but it has a seasonal component that is consistent in its variance across time. Which two Exponential Smoothing models are appropriate?
(Choose Two.)
a) Seasonal Additive Exponential Smoothing
b) Winters Additive Exponential Smoothing
c) Simple Exponential Smoothing
d) Damped-Trend Exponential Smoothing
e) Winters Multiplicative Exponential Smoothing
04. In mixing a compound, the amount of water that should be used in each lot depends on the temperature of the processing furnace. What concept does this example illustrate?
a) Multicollinearity
b) Interaction
c) Variance
d) Type-I error
05. Covariate values are characteristics of experimental units that:
a) restrict randomization
b) are continuous
c) are selected
d) are measured
06. What will most likely increase error variance when analyzing the results of an experiment?
a) Failure to model nuisance variables
b) Including interactions between factors
c) Randomly assigning treatments to cases
d) A large sample size
07. What is the main purpose of incremental response models?
a) to predict who is going to buy the product
b) to predict who is going to buy the product regardless of any promotion
c) to predict who is going to buy the product only when a promotion is given
d) to predict who is not going to buy the 
08. As the exponential smoothing coefficient decreases towards 0, what happens to the emphasis on the most recent values?
a) The emphasis increases.
b) The emphasis decreases.
c) The emphasis stays the same.
d) The emphasis is not related to the exponential smoothing coefficient.
09. In order to correctly interpret the Cross Correlation Function (CCF) plot, which statement is true regarding the input variable in an ARMAX model?
a) The input variable must be stochastic white noise.
b) The input variable must be deterministic white noise.
c) The input variable must contain a linear trend.
d) The input variable must contain autocorrelation.
10. Which statement is true about Net Information Value (NIV)?
a) It requires training and validation data sets.
b) It is used to rank the input variables.
c) It has a heuristic cutoff of NIV = 50.
d) It is preferred to the use of Net Weight of Evidence (NWOE).


Question: 1 Answer: b, d Question: 2 Answer: c
Question: 3 Answer: a, b Question: 4 Answer: b
Question: 5 Answer: d Question: 6 Answer: a
Question: 7 Answer: c Question: 8 Answer: b
Question: 9 Answer: a Question: 10 Answer: b

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