Qlik Data Integration Replicate (QREP) Certification Exam Sample Questions

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Qlik QREP Sample Questions:

01. Which of these is an example of 'Process Improvement' in operations?
a) Increasing the marketing budget
b) Reducing defects in products
c) Increasing employee benefits
d) Expanding the product range
02. How does multitasking affect administrative work?
a) It's always beneficial
b) It is discouraged under all circumstances
c) Can increase productivity but might reduce focus
d) It has no impact on work
03. Why is it important to 'test the solution' in troubleshooting?
a) To ensure that the problem has been effectively resolved
b) For compliance with regulations
c) To train new staff
d) Testing is not important
04. 'Resource allocation' in administration involves:
a) Distributing resources randomly
b) Wasting resources
c) Keeping all resources for top management
d) Efficiently distributing and managing resources like time, money, and staff
05. What type of interface does Qlik Replicate provide for managing replication tasks?
a) Command-line interface
b) Graphical user interface
c) Text-based configuration files
d) None, it's fully automated
06. In software troubleshooting, what is a common first step?
a) Checking for updates
b) Reinstalling the software
c) Deleting all files
d) Purchasing new software
07. Which of the following is true about Qlik Replicate's compatibility?
a) Supports only cloud-based data sources
b) Compatible exclusively with Qlik Sense
c) Works with a wide range of data sources and platforms
d) Supports only on-premises data sources
08. 'Color Theory' in design is important because it helps to:
a) Determine which colors are primary
b) Understand how colors interact
c) Choose colors based on personal preference
d) Reduce the number of colors in a design
09. Which of the following is a key advantage of Qlik Replicate's Change Data Capture (CDC) technology?
a) Reduces the need for full-load updates
b) Increases data storage requirements
c) Simplifies data transformations
d) Enhances data visualization capabilities
10. What is 'inventory management' in an administrative context?
a) Counting office supplies daily
b) Only managing digital assets
c) Ignoring the stock of products
d) The process of ordering, storing, and using a company's inventory


Question: 1 Answer: b Question: 2 Answer: c
Question: 3 Answer: a Question: 4 Answer: d
Question: 5 Answer: b Question: 6 Answer: a
Question: 7 Answer: c Question: 8 Answer: b
Question: 9 Answer: a Question: 10 Answer: d

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