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Benefits of SAS Certification

Big Data and Business Intelligence are domains that shall go hand in hand for a long time. BI pioneers SAS, and MapR – The most trusted service provider for Google and Amazon Technologies – have recently signed a pact to further the efficacy of Big Data. This post takes a look at what this new partnership entails for the end user.

SAS Certification

Since inception, the senior management team from SAS has to lead the organization not just producing best products but to make the company the best place to work with an emphasis on culture that balances work and personal life and encourages employees to take leadership. This was noticed by many organizations such as Fortune and the Great Place to Work Institute and they named SAS as the best place to work, also SAS got the fourth rank in Fortune magazine's top 10 list of best companies to work for in 2015. The company's low employee turnover rate is a proof of the above reorganizations & company’s commitment to its employees and, indirectly, to its customers as well. From top 100 Fortune Global 500 companies, 91 are SAS customers. SAS customers span the globe with more than 80,000 instances installed in 148 countries.

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