What is QLIK Sense Technologies and Why it is Good to get Certified on it?

First, to start with the current situation around the world where humankind is fighting an epidemic, we will pray for all who are affected and may God perish the COVID-19 virus soon.

As it is clear now from the privileging situations and market conditions, the soft skills will be in huge demand and the skill of analytics will have a lion share in the new demand. Business needs to analyze their past data and plan the business teams and plans. There are businesses who were not using any analytical skills, also need to analyze their past data and put prediction based on the current situations. They actually need to keep updating the prediction based on the very recent data and changes in the situation. As most of must be knowing the QLIK is one of the leading BI Software worldwide, so there is no need of explaining why the QLIK skills will be in great demand. Analyzing and predicting business needs, performance and positions in the near future would be affected and all need to be re-evaluated that to be in great speed. Especially the lending sectors will need more and more data analysis skills to line-up the existing profiles as well as to set up the future business plans.

Importance of QLIK certification in Career and How to Pass QLIK Certification Exams

When I questioned myself, does certification really important in my career with Qlik? My answer is yes, and this is almost every time! However, certification does not replace years of experience and both complement each other just well. When it comes to passing the certification exam, I feel I should try to answer one generic topic and I feel this should be here on top, so it is, if you only do these certifications because you need to do it, you will fail it in 80% cases! Remember, it is not just a tag, but it actually validate your skills on the QLIK technology and one of the true value of having these certifications is to allow the company to stay as an elite partner. For consultants or developers that looking to start their data adventure with Qlik, this is the drills.

About the QLIK Certifications.

There are a total of six exams available for Qlik products at the moment. Three for Qlikview and three for Qlik Sense and they are pretty much identical to each other in term of the objectives for the exam.

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