General Questions

Does correct answer of questions has the explanation?

The Practice exam is designed to make you familiar with exam structure and test your readiness to be double sure before you appears for your certification exam. 

There will not be any explanation attached to questions same as your real exam. however, knowing the question you answered wrong is a great advantage and an opportunity which helps you see where you need more preparation.

How to resolve Log In related issues

If you have an account with and you are unable to log, Following are could be the reason and solutions

  • There are chances that you are trying to log in with your email ID as your user ID, in this case, we request you to log in with your USER ID and PASSWORD
    In case, if the error does not go away, you may contact us with the screenshots of the error at

  • You may have entered a wrong CAPTCHA, In this case, you may try again with correct CAPTCHA
  • You may be entering a wrong Password, in this case, you will receive the following message with a link to get a new password.

Sorry, unrecognized username or password. Have you forgotten your password?

Is your Questions sets are valid for any exam loaction?

Yes. SAS certification exams are not specific to any regions. This is why, any SAS exam will have same exam pattern with same questions set irrespective of region or location. For example, SAS Base Programmer certification exam conducted in UK and Australia will have same set of question.

How do I get access to the online demo certification practice exam?

Follow the steps given below to access the online demo certification practice exam:

1. Sign into (Registration and Login are required to access the personalized result book).

2. Go to relative SAS Certification exam module page.

3. Click on "Try Online Exam" button. You will be redirected to the online demo certification practice exam page.

4. View the demo certification practice exam criteria. You will be asked to answer 10 different questions in the given time limit.

5. Click on "Start Exam" button to start the online demo certification practice exam.

How do I get access to the premium certification practice exam?

Given below are the steps to purchase the premium certification practice exam.

1. Sign in or Registration & Login

2. Open the SAS Certification exam module page which covers the certification exam you would like to attend. Click on "Buy Now" button to open product page.

3. Click on "Add To Cart" button to add the product to your shopping cart.

4. Click on "Checkout" button to proceed with the purchase.

What is premium certification practice exam?

Premium certification practice exam will get you an access to our premium platform with many other benefits.

For more information, refer to the relative SAS Certification practice exam page. Or go to Home Page

What is Money Back Guarantee?

We give guarantee to return your money back if you fail to clear the actual SAS Certification exam in the first attempt.

Please visit our 100% Money Back Guarantee page for more details.

How do I report an error or mistake on any of your certification practice exams?

If you think that you have found an incorrect answer, explanation, text typo or if a question seems inappropriate. Please contact us at with the following details:

1. The exam you are preparing for and version number.

2. Question text or Page title where you found the error.

3. Your contact information, including your email address associated with your account.

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