Dell EMC Certification

The logo I received is in eps format and I cannot open it. How do I use it?

Your printer will be able to assist you in placing the logo you have received in eps format on your business cards. Please be sure to forward a copy of the published Dell EMC logo usage requirements to your printer along with the eps file.

May I use the generic Dell EMC Proven Professional logo in advance of earning a specific level designation?

The Dell EMC Proven Professional logo represents the overall program brand in the market. This logo is not for use by candidates and is not distributed. 

What are the guidelines for using the Dell EMC Proven logo and title?

Once you pass all the required exams, you will be authorized to download Dell EMC Proven Professional logo for use as per the Candidate Agreement guidelines.

I have passed all required exams but have not received my certificate. What is wrong?

First, confirm that you have provided the correct shipping address in CertTracker. Next, confirm that you have completed all necessary requirements. If you have passed all the required exams but have not completed the Candidate Agreement Form, your certificate will not be sent until you do so. 

I have passed all required exams to achieve a given (Associate. Specialist. Expert) level. Will I receive a certificate from Dell EMC?

Individuals enrolled in the Dell EMC Proven Professional Program receive benefits commensurate with their progress. Please review the Awards Policy for details.

How do I get re-accredited in order to maintain my status?

Getting re-accredited is as easy as accessing Powerlink and completing the Dell EMC Fundamental e-Learning step again. With any additional accreditation program questions, please feel free to contact your local account manager. 

How long Accreditation stands good for me?

Accreditation is valid till year end only

What is the process for completing the Accreditation tracks?

The process is as follows: First, you must complete the Dell EMC Fundamental e-learning and test. Once you have passed, you must complete four of the eleven Consultative Sales Skills modules, which culminate with tests. Also, four tests must be pass in the Dell EMC Specialty Offerings section. 
Extra modules and tests are encouraged to continue your depth of Dell EMC knowledge. The completed tests are kept on record and multiple tracks can be taken. 

How do I access Dell EMC Proven Professional Accreditation training?

The training can be accessed in three different ways as below:
1. Online Web training (via Powerlink)
2. Workshops
3. Boot camps
You can also contact your Dell EMC account manager for the times and locations of workshops near you. Setting up a boot camp can also be done through your account manager, but will require a minimum number of participants.

How do I access Powerlink?

Register as a member on to get the Powerlink.

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