SAS Base Programmer Certification is the key to your career in analytics

The certifications for sure make you qualified for a possible job interview and in this way the analytical certificates can open a door of opportunity for you. Answering the question regarding how a SAS Base certification can help one, on general terms, as far as business or data analysis goes a SAS certification may come in handy. You can analyze data in various ways using SAS. however, you may require sufficient hands-on experience as well. If you have relevant experience in the domain you are targeting, then learning SAS as add-on tool, this will definitely help. If not I would say learn base SAS first and while you get certified, get sufficient hands-on or take up some project so the hands-on and certification will have help you land up a proper job. If you're looking for higher pay and better opportunities, what career skills should you seek to acquire, can be SAS Skill sets? You might think leadership or communication skills would top the list, but a recent study says otherwise as the recent graphs suggest the exponential growth in the pay of an analyst

From last few decades, the SAS Global Certification program has helped thousands of DATA and ANALYTICS professionals and most of them have achieved their career goals with the help of the SAS technology knowledge they have. However, having knowledge is different than have the knowledge earn you good returns. For getting good returns, you must leverage the SAS knowledge and get a good Job. SAS Certification program is primarily for those who have interest and knowledge in SAS technologies and can use the SAS tools for organizations. The SAS certification program gauge aspirants understanding and capabilities with SAS software and provides a worldwide valid certification to successful candidates.

Below is the list of the major benefit of getting yourself certified in SAS Base Programming,

  • The SAS Base Certification can give you winds, yes as the SAS Base certification can help you get a good job as it a certificate of validation of your SAS skills and expertise
  • For sure, SAS certification will increase your earning power.
  • SAS Base certifications are designed in a way that they are highly job-role focused, meaning immediate relevancy to real-world needs and there for this can be the biggest benefit in terms of getting a good job. SAS Certified professionals are in high demand around the globe
  • A digital badge, the candidate passing SAS certificate will earn a digital badge, which can be demonstrated in web world to fetch good opportunities. Also, it is a sign of your accomplishment, which can make you feel proud and help boost your confidence.
  • It will increase your credibility, employer teats this as your technical professional committed and expert level certification.

SAS certified individuals can be listed in the Directory of SAS Certified Professionals which can be easily accessed by employers to validate your credentials.

You will improve your abilities and expertise by going through the process of preparing for a SAS Certification exam. Even SAS users who are using the SAS tools from long say they benefited from the exam preparation experience.

Base SAS Certification

The SAS Base Programming Exam is required to obtain certification as a SAS Certified Base Programmer. Also, we should not forget that this exam is also a pre-requisite for the advanced programming certification in case if one is planning to get certified in SAS Advanced Programming, SAS Base Programming certification is compulsorily required. Additionally, the SAS Base certification is the only certification in SAS which is recognized globally. The SAS Base certification equips you to query databases and perform analysis, including importing and exporting raw data files, manipulating data, combining SAS data sets and creating reports. We can briefly categorize the full body of knowledge of SAS in following five parts

  1. Accessing Data
  2. Creating Data Structures
  3. Managing Data
  4. Generating Reports
  5. Handling Errors

The full Syllabus and exam structure of SAS Base Programming can be found at the following link,

SAS A00-231 Certification Exam Syllabus

Eligibility to Pursue SAS Base Certification

SAS courses require no formal education in analytics. Any graduate can undergo this course irrespective of age. However, a minimum of one year of experience in analytics is a must if you’re undergoing this course. While there is no specific educational background required, a degree of proficiency in utilizing SAS Proc SQL, SAS Macro, Unix, Linux, and other SAS programs, familiarity with various web application tools and Windows programs, excellent problem-solving and analytical skills and advanced mathematical abilities will not just help in creaking the certificate but also in day to day on the job.

Exam Registration And Preparations

SAS Base Programmer certification exam is administrated by Pearson-VUE, Following is the link to register for the exam.


SAS Certification Prep Guide: Base Programming for SAS 9

Sample Questions

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Practice Exams

Base Programming for SAS 9 (A00-231)

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