Earn a SAS certificate in every three months to be placed in your dream company

SAS Certification are recognized by almost all country in the world, it actually add significant value to your profile and increases your visibility and ability on the job market. Knowing how to use the SAS software and write queries to extract useful information from the large chunk of data or write query and design nutshell reports from the large dataset could be a great knowledge. But this knowledge will be of use once you get short listed for the interview for the organization you dreaming to work for! It is not such easy to get in to the dream big company easily. Unlike a boutique firms, the big organization have process driven environments, where there rulebook wins almost all the time. Here I mean to say, in a boutique analytics firm, the process are people driven and people in the organization runs, changes and customize many of their processes, they can go out of the define rules to acquire a person who does not have certified knowledge on the SAS certification, they can do this based on the reference or recommendations. However, in the big organization, most of the things are process driven, we can say, people are actually process driven and they adhere to most common practice as per the process doc.

As per the latest survey was done by one of the leading business magazines, worlds top 100 analytics company preferred to shortlist and interview only those candidates, who possess the required technology certifications. Now knowing this, and as you are reading this article, we would for sure recommend to you to get yourself certified in the technology you are taking as your career.

The Most Common Analytics Technologies and Tools.

There are may open source as well as commercial analytical software available; however, SAS is one of the best and clearly a leader in the field from last two decades. SAS continues to be widely used in the industry. Some flexibility on pricing from the SAS Institute has helped its cause. SAS continues to be a robust, versatile and easy to learn the tool. SAS has added tons of new modules. Some of the specialized modules that have been added in the recent past are – SAS analytics for IOT, SAS Anti-money Laundering, and SAS Analytics Pro for Midsize Business.

There are much other software offers by many other organizations, say,

  • IBM Technologies

  • Dell EMC Software

  • Microsoft

  • QlikView

  • Tableau

Earn a SAS certificate in every three months

SAS certifications have many sections based on their products and product range. SAS have huge analytics software range from deferent types of needs.

The most common and widely accepted as well as in demand are the SAS Foundation certifications,

SAS Foundation Tool certifications

1. SAS Certified Base Programming for SAS 9.4

Successful candidates should have experience in programming and data management using SAS 9 and should be able to:

  • Import and export raw data files.

  • Manipulate and transform data.

  • Combine SAS data sets.

  • Create basic detail and summary reports using SAS procedures.

  • Identify and correct data, syntax and programming logic errors.

Syllabus and practice exam to pass the SAS Base Programming certification

2. SAS Certified Professional - Advanced Programming Using SAS 9.4

Successful candidates should be skilled in tasks such as:

  • Using advanced DATA step programming statements and efficiency techniques to solve complex problems.

  • Writing and interpreting SAS SQL code.

  • Creating and using the SAS MACRO facility.

Syllabus and practice exam to pass the SAS Advanced Programming Certification

3. SAS Certified Clinical Trials Programmer Using SAS 9

Successful candidates should be skilled in tasks such as:

  • Clinical Trials Process

  • Clinical Trials Data Structures

  • Import and Export Clinical Trials Data

  • Manage Clinical Trials Data

  • Transform Clinical Trials Data

  • Apply Statistical Procedures for Clinical Trials

  • Macro Programming for Clinical Trials

  • Report Clinical Trials Results

  • Validate Clinical Trial Data Reporting

There are two methods available to earn this credential. Select an exam to see the full content for each.

Clinical Trials Programming

Syllabus and practice exam to pass the SAS Clinical Trials Programmer Certification


If the candidate is currently holding the SAS Certified Base Programmer.

Clinical Trials Programming Using SAS 9 – Accelerated Version

Syllabus and practice exam to pass the SAS Clinical Trials Programmer Certification - Accelerated Version

Above three are the most common certifications and most popular certifications related to SAS technologies. The candidate who is working or dreaming to work on the SAS tool should own these three basic certifications to boost the chances of getting placed in the well-known organization. These SAS certifications have much value in the job market and a person, who is a beginner in the SAS field, should aim to get one certification in every 3 months and if not possible one in the 6 months. This will help you to move to the next level in your career without any doubt.

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