DEA-7TT2: Practice Tests Make Your Dell EMC Data Science and Big Data Analytics v2 Exam Easy!!

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A Data Science career is lucrative these days. Therefore, pass the DEA-7TT2 certification exam to earn the Dell EMC Data Science and Big Data Analytics certification and start a career. Study hard and include practice tests in your preparation to make your certification journey easy.

Overview of the Dell EMC DEA-7TT2 Certification:

The DEA-7TT2 certification is all about validating a candidate’s practical foundation skills needed to work as a Data Scientist. The DEA-7TT2 certification enables the learner to take part in big data and other analytical projects immediately.

What Does the Exam Focus on?

The DEA-7TT2 exam focuses on the role of the Data Scientist, the practice of data analytics, and the main phases of the Data Analytics Lifecycle. It also analyzes and explores data with R, the theory and methods of advanced analytics and statistical modeling, statistics for model building and evaluation, the technology and tools used for advanced analytics, operationalizing an analytics project, and data visualization methods. Successful candidates will earn the Dell EMC Proven Professional – Data Science Associate credential after they pass the DEA-7TT2 exam.

What Are the DEA-7TT2 Exam Topics?

The DEA-7TT2 exam covers the following topics-

  • Advanced Analytics - Theory, Application, and Interpretation of Results for Eight Methods (40%)

  • Big Data, Analytics, and the Data Scientist Role (5%)

  • Data Analytics Lifecycle (8%)

  • Initial Analysis of the Data (15%)

  • Advanced Analytics for Big Data - Technology and Tools (22%)

  • Operationalizing an Analytics Project and Data Visualization Techniques (10%)

How to Prepare for the DEA-7TT2 Exam?

Get the Syllabus Acing Plan:

Have a printout of the DEA-7TT2 syllabus and place it where you can follow it easily when you sit for study. Keeping the syllabus near you will always make you remember what you need to study, and you can focus more on the higher percentage topic area. The Advanced Analytics - Theory, Application, and Interpretation of Results for Eight Methods section covers most parts of the syllabus for the exam preparation. Therefore, have a good grasp of the section.

Enjoy the DEA-7TT2 Study Process:

Keep the syllabus and study materials within your reach to avoid any distractions during your study hours. Highlight the topics one by one after covering them. Mark the syllabus topics for review with a different color. Always set the path to breaking the monotony while you study.

Be Persistent about Your DEA-7TT2 Study Schedule:

How many hours should you devote to cover the syllabus topics within a specific time? This question is a bit tricky, as the grasping power of every aspirant is different. It takes almost two to three months of preparation time for a regular candidate to ace the exam. Do not worry about devoting your whole time to exam preparation; rather, focus on studying daily for at least three hours to cover the syllabus. Finishing two to three topics daily and notes making help in the preparation process.

Join the Training for the DEA-7TT2 Exam:

It is essential to join the training and get hands-on lab experience to succeed in the DEA-7TT2 exam. Therefore, you must make sure to join the Data Science and Big Data Analytics v2 training. Choose the method of learning like a classroom, virtual or on-demand course depending on your convenience.

Experience the Actual Exam Structure with Practice tests:

Every confident sho0uld be confident about the exam structure and his preparation level before they reach the exam hall. Enrolling in quality practice tests provides them the valuable experience. The DEA-7TT2 practice tests are full of time-based questions that help in giving the real exam experience. Undoubtedly, scoring well in the mock exams assure you about your preparation level. But, do not get stressed if you can't score well. Learn which areas you are unable to attempt, and put more focus on the sections.

Benefits of Getting the DEA-7TT2 Certification:

Stay Updated with the Current Trends:

If you obtain the DEA-7TT2 Data Science certification, it will help you to stay updated about the recent practices in the Data Science field. You will be gaining learn many new pieces of information and skills about how the field of Data Science is progressing and what the most beneficial developments are going on. Through the certification preparation, you will come to know the latest trends in Dell EMC.

Get Eligible for Various Job Roles:

Various industries across a wide spectrum are seeking to step into the Data Science field today. Retailers, for instance, need to anticipate what their customers want and provide those things correctly. If they don’t do this, they will, in all likelihood will be at the back of every condition. Big Data and Analytics offer retailers the insights they need to keep their customers happy and returning to their stores.

Data Science finds numerous and multifarious applications in various other industries such as Banking and Finance, Construction, Transportation, Medicine, Communications, Media, and Entertainment, Education, Manufacturing and Natural Resources, and Government industries. A data science certification like the DEA-7TT2 certification will make you eligible for jobs throughout all these industries in positions like Data Scientist, Project Manager, Solution Architect, Business Intelligence Professional, and Statistician.

Bottom Line:

Certifications boost your knowledge, and having them on your resume helps you have a better career. Therefore, earn the DEA-7TT2 certification and start your associate-level career. 

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