A00-232: Pass the SAS Advanced Programming Exam with Practice Tests & Proceed Towards A Lucrative Career

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If you want to earn the SAS A00-232 certification, valuable study tips and practice tests are the two most important things you must look for. Learn more about exam preparation through this blog.

Overview of the SAS A00-232 Certification:

The A00-232 exam is a performance-based exam where candidates need to access the SAS environment. The aspirant builds on his skills earned with a Base Programming Credential. The aspirants now need to work with the SAS Macro facility, SQL, and advanced coding techniques such as hash objects, arrays, and PROC FCMP.

What Is the A00-232 Exam Structure?

The A00-232 exam is a 2 hours, 5 minutes long exam. But a candidate gets a total Pearson View appointment time of 2 hours, 30 minutes to allow for introductory material. You will be facing 10-15 programming projects and 10-15 standard exam questions. A SAS scoring macro assesses the programming projects, and you can get more information about the assessment method through the SAP FAQs. One must score 725 marks to pass the exam, and the measurement scale uses a score range from 200 to 1,000 marks. If you pass the SAS Advanced Programming Performance-Based exam, you will get a current SAS Base Programmer for SAS 9 or SAS Certified Specialist: Base Programming Using SAS 9.4 badge.

What Domains Are Covered Under the A00-232 Exam?

The A00-232 exam covers the following domains-

  • Accessing Data Using SQL (35%)

  • Macro Processing (35%)

  • Advanced Techniques (30%)

What Knowledge Is Beneficial to Earn the A00-232 Certification?

Successful A00-232 aspirants should possess experience in programming using SAS 9.4, and they must be able to-

  • Write and interpret SAS SQL code.

  • Create and use SAS macros

  • Use advanced DATA step programming statements to solve complex problems.

Here Are the Study Strategies to Pass the A00-232 Exam:

Follow at Least One Book and Complete the Syllabus:

The books offered by SAS Press greatly help cover the syllabus topics focused on the A00-232 exam. Though the exam asks project-related questions, a candidate must still be prepared with bookish theoretical knowledge. If you are confident with the syllabus grasp, the A00-232 advance certification will become easier to achieve. The official page covers valuable information regarding exam preparation; therefore, visit the page at the beginning of your exam and work with the valuable materials.

Take Training to Gain More Clarity:

SAS offers both instructor-led and self-paced training for the A00-232 exam. Join any of them according to your convenience.

  • SAS Programming 3: Advanced Techniques

  • SAS Macro Language 1: Essentials

  • SAS SQL 1: Essentials

Through the SAS Programming 3: Advanced Techniques training

course, the SAS programmers wanting to learn advanced techniques within the DATA step and methods can learn many things. The course creates the concepts that are presented in the SAS Programming 2: Data Manipulation Techniques course. The aspirant learns to use

  • Additional functions (LAG, FINDC/FINDW, and COUNT/COUNTC/COUNTW).

  • Perform pattern matching using PRX functions.

  • Process repetitive code, rotate data, and perform table lookups using arrays.

  • Perform table lookups and sort data using hash and hash iterator objects.

  • Create numeric templates using the FORMAT procedure.

  • Create custom functions using the FCMP procedure.

As the exam is all about performing SAS codes, any training session from the experts could be of great help.

Don't Forget to Take A00-232 Practice Exams:

Want to know if you are prepared for your A00-232 exam or not? Taking practice tests is the best option. Once you become confident with the syllabus topics and project-related details, enroll for any online practice exam. The A00-232 practice tests will not only help you to boost your confidence level; but will also guide you regarding your preparation level. Follow the valuable guidance to improve your preparation regarding different syllabus domains. 

SAS Certification Career Benefits:

Why should you get the A00-232 certification? This might be a question for many aspirants. More demonstrated knowledge would certainly give you more earning power. A quick search regarding SAS job positions found out there are several jobs across the globe and the starting salaries range from $52,000 to $126,000.

Salaries may vary depending on the industry, experience, certifications achieved, and other factors. Still, the average SAS programmer's earnings are almost $81,038 nationally. 

It is a proven fact that a SAS certification can pay off quickly. If you think that with outstanding company culture, getting a SAS certification and working for SAS is a smart career move for anyone.

Bottom Line:

With the SAS A00-232 digital badge, you can improve your resume value, and it could help you reach potential employers. You could also upload it on your different social media profiles and get different career opportunities. Therefore, study hard and get the A00-232 certification.

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