IBM SPSS Modeler Professional (C2090-930) Certification Exam Sample Questions

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IBM C2090-930 Sample Questions:

Q 1: A manufacturer has a business goal of reducing product returns due to poor product quality which is known to occur as a result of random mechanical malfunctioning.
Which data mining goal is consistent with the business goal?
A. Use predictive maintenance to schedule machine repairs prior to failure.
B. Conduct market basket analysis to determine which products to promote.
C. Identify which customers are likely to default on their accounts.
D. Classify customers into segments for a target marketing campaign.
Q 2: Which statement is correct about the nodes in the Field Ops tab?
A. The SetToFlag node can be used to create indicator variables based on the categorical values defined for one or more nominal fields.
B. The Derive node must be used to replace all the null values in a data set by zero, without creating a new field.
C. A Derive node can only generate one new derived field at a time.
D. The Filler node can be used to derive a new nominal field.
Q 3: Which two functions are used in the Select and Filler nodes to identify missing values?
(Choose two.)
Q 4: You are working on a project where the business objective is to increase sales revenue. You are about to start the Deployment stage of the CRISP-DM process model.
Which task must be completed before the Deployment stage?
A. plan deployment
B. produce final report
C. review process
D. review project
Q 5: You have two data sets whose data is related but does not contain any candidate key. When these data sets were created, their entries were recorded as events occurred, always one entry in each data set per event.
Which merge method should be used to perform this merge?
A. order
B. inner join
C. anti-join
D. keys
Q 6: Your data contains a large number of fields which have very long names. You want to rename these fields without having to manually edit them.
Which option from the Filter option menu, within the Filter node, allows you to accomplish this task?
A. Use Input Field Names...
B. Truncate Field Names...
C. Rename for IBM SPSS Statistics...
D. Rename Duplicate…


Question: 1 Answer: A Question: 2 Answer: A
Question: 3 Answer: A, B Question: 4 Answer: C
Question: 5 Answer: A Question: 6 Answer: B

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