IBM Cognos TM1 Developer (C2020-702) Certification Exam Sample Questions

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IBM C2020-702 Sample Questions:

Q 1: On which level of granularity can the capabilities for Personal Workspace Mode and Sandboxes be set? They can be set:
A: per cube for all groups
B: per cube and group
C: once for all cubes and groups
D: per group for all cubes
Q 2: Which settings in the file would maximize the information produced using TI processes while keeping other log information to a minimum?
A: log4j.logger.TM1=ERROR, S1 
B: log4j.logger.TM1=WARN, S1 
C: log4j.logger.TM1=INFO, S1
D: log4j.logger.TM1=INFO, S1
Q 3: You are developing a TM1 model for a city aquarium and need to add a new sub-category of animals to the Animal dimension. The new elements are: Amphibians, Frog, and Salamander. Assume that Amphibians is the parent of Frog and Salamander and you want the children to automatically roll up to the parent. Which weighting and element type will you assign to each element?
A: Amphibians Element Type = Numeric (N), Weight 1
B: Amphibians Element Type = Aggregate (A), Weight 1
C: Amphibians Element Type = String (S), Weight 1
D: Amphibians Element Type = Consolidated (C), Weight 1
Q 4: You are planning a customer installation with several TM1 servers, all with Integrated Security Mode 4 and a common Cognos BI service. Security groups are common between all TM1 servers. Where do you maintain groups and users to minimize administrative tasks?
A: in Cognos Connection
B: in Cognos TM1 Operations Console
C: in TM1 \}Group dimension
D: in Cognos Configuration
Q 5: You develop a worksheet with drop down menus displaying subset information. You want to ensure that after the worksheet is opened, all of the subsets are automatically refreshed and up-to-date with the latest server changes. Which workbook level named variable would you use?
A: TM1RefreshSheet = 1
B: TM1ActiveFormRefresh = 1
C: TM1RebuildOption = 1
D: TM1SubsetRefresh = 1
Q 6: You have a cube that is showing slower than expected query response times. Which strategy would you pursue to improve query performance?
A: Reorder the cube dimensions using the Cube Optimizer.
B: Run the query through TurboIntegrator.
C: Create a named view on the cube.
D: Apply cell security to the cube.
Q 7: You need the current month as a number. Which function delivers the desired result?
D: TIMEST(NOW, '\m')
Q 8: You need to export data from a TM1 cube including the column headers. In which two could you put the ASCIIOutput command for the column headers? 
(Choose two.)
A: in the EPILOG section without condition
B: in the PROLOG section without condition
C: in the METADATA section with condition to execute it only for the first record
D: in the DATA section with condition to execute it only for the first record


Question: 1 Answer: D Question: 2 Answer: A
Question: 3 Answer: D Question: 4 Answer: A
Question: 5 Answer: C Question: 6 Answer: A
Question: 7 Answer: B Question: 8 Answer: C, D

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