IBM Cognos Analytics Author (C2090-621) Certification Exam Sample Questions

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IBM C2090-621 Sample Questions:

01. A report author creates the following filter in a report: [Region] in (' Americas',' Asia Pacific') Which type of filter was created?
a) Advanced
b) Combined
c) Parameterized
d) Custom based on data item
02. What can be done when using a SQL object when not using a stored procedure?
a) Update a database.
b) Insert rows into database.
c) Delete rows in a database.
d) Select rows from a database.
03. A report author has to create a Crosstab report with Region and Product data in the rows of the Crosstab. The Crosstab can be created in two different ways as shown below.
Which Crosstab/Crosstabs is/are discontinuous Crosstab/Crosstabs?
a) Crosstab A
b) Crosstab B
c) Crosstab A and Crosstab B
d) neither Crosstab A nor Crosstab B
04. When using a SQL object, what is the property SQL syntax by default?
a) IBM Cognos
b) Limited Local
c) Native
d) Pass-Through
05. A report author would like to reuse a logo across all existing reports. Which object should be used?
a) Template
b) Bookmark
c) Global Class
d) Layout Component Reference
06. A business manager wants to set the current Dashboard as the home page. Which mode allows this task?
a) Run
b) View
c) Priority
d) Review
07. A report author wants to display the report name on the report page. Which type of calculation should be used?
a) Field set
b) Singleton
c) Query calculation
d) Layout calculation
08. How can an Uploaded file be combined with data from a database?
a) Create a Data module.
b) Use a Master detail relationship.
c) Nest a List using the Uploaded file with another List from a package.
d) Include the Uploaded file and a package as a Data source to the report.
09. A company is using a model that was created in Compatible Query Mode (CQM). There is a report that must reference query subjects from two different packages.
How can this be accomplished?
a) The report author cannot create reports that reference multiple Data sources.
b) The report author can add multiple packages to the reports as Data sources and create the report as needed.
c) The report author must use SQL nodes for all queries that reference the data items in the two packages and join them appropriately to get the desired results within the report.
d) The report author can use user-defined SQL to develop the query from one of the packages and the other package to develop the other query and then join them appropriately to get the desired results within the report.
10. A report author wants to display Revenue and Quantity by Product line in one chart and use a combination chart. A bar chart is used for revenue and a line chart for quantity.
While the bar chart is clear and easy to understand, the lines are almost missing and are different to read. What can be done to solve the problem?
a) Use a conditional scale.
b) Build two charts next to each other.
c) Map Quantity to a y axis with a different scale.
d) Multiply Quantity by 1000000 and set the scale to -6 to display.


Question: 1 Answer: a Question: 2 Answer: a
Question: 3 Answer: b Question: 4 Answer: c
Question: 5 Answer: d Question: 6 Answer: b
Question: 7 Answer: d Question: 8 Answer: a
Question: 9 Answer: d Question: 10 Answer: c

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