HP Vertica Solutions (HP2-N36) Certification Exam Sample Questions

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HP HP2-N36 Sample Questions:

Q1: During Vertica installation, how do you install onto multiple nodes of a cluster?
A. Pass the IP addresses or node names to spread, and it will install the application on each node.
B. Pass the IP address or node names as part of the -s argument, and it will install the application on each node.
C. You must install the application individually on each node.
D. Run the installation script from the Console machine once per node.
Q2: What are features of using the Vertica backup script?
(There are two correct Answers.)
A. It can be run while the database is not running.
B. It enables backup of the entire database only
C. It uses a lightweight locking protocol, stopping data loading for a brief period of time
D. It can be run remotely via the Management Console
E. It enables recovery by database, node, or table
Q3: What does an event-based window do?
A. evaluates the values of a given set of variables and groups those values into a window
B. enables identification of a sequence of defined events
C. increments a counter based on whether an expression evaluates as true
D. enables analysis of two series of data when their measurement intervals do not align precisely
Q4: What is the process to add hosts to an existing cluster?
(There are two correct Answers.)
A. Recreate all projections on the new hosts.
B. Install Vertica on the new hosts.
C. Restart spread on all hosts in the cluster.
D. Update spread.conf on the new host(s) only.
E. Redistribute data to the new host(s).
Q5: Who can log in to the Management Console?
A. any user with permission granted
B. root user only
C. dbadmin user only
D. root and dbadmin users only


Question: 1 Answer:B Question: 2 Answer:D & E
Question: 3 Answer:A Question: 4 Answer: C & E
Question: 5 Answer:D    

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