Qlik Sense SaaS Business Analyst Endorsement (QSBA2024) Certification Exam Sample Questions

Get QSBA2024 Dumps Free, Qlik Sense SaaS Business Analyst Endorsement PDF and Dumps, and QSBA2024 Free Download for comprehensive exam preparation.Welcome! Preparing for the Qlik Sense SaaS Business Analyst Endorsement (QSBA2024) certification exam can be a daunting task, but we're here to make it easier for you. Here are the sample questions that will help you become familiar with the Qlik QSBA2024 exam style and structure. We encourage you to try our Demo Qlik Sense SaaS Business Analyst Endorsement Certification Practice Exam to measure your understanding of the exam structure in an environment that simulates the actual test environment.

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Qlik QSBA2024 Sample Questions:

01. Which feature in Qlik Cloud enhances collaboration among users?
a) Email notifications
b) Shared spaces and co-authoring
c) Exporting reports as PDFs
d) Printing dashboards
02. What is 'Associative Modeling' in Qlik Sense?
a) Linking data tables based on relationships
b) Connecting to various data sources
c) Creating visual models of data
d) Building associations in user communities
03. How does Qlik Cloud handle version control when collaborating on apps?
a) Manual backups by users
b) Version control is not available
c) Automatic version history and rollback options
d) Using third-party software
04. Which of the following is a feature of Qlik Sense SaaS?
a) Offline data analysis
b) Cloud-based collaboration
c) Hardware maintenance
d) Physical data storage
05. What is an important consideration when updating an already published app?
a) Changing the app's primary functionality
b) Reducing the number of features
c) Completely redesigning the user interface
d) Ensuring backward compatibility
06. Which feature in Qlik Cloud helps in organizing and categorizing shared content?
a) Alphabetical sorting
b) Color-coding
c) Collections
d) Data encryption
07. What does ETL stand for in data management?
a) Encrypt, Transform, Load
b) Extract, Transform, Load
c) Enter, Transfer, Log
d) Evaluate, Translate, Link
08. Which of the following best describes 'data integration'?
a) Combining data from different sources into a single, unified view
b) Removing all data from a database
c) Translating data into different languages
d) Encrypting data for security purposes
09. What is the significance of an app's description on its store page?
a) It is not important as users don't read it
b) It should be used for listing the technical specifications only
c) It is only necessary for legal compliance
d) It provides critical information to users and influences their decision to download
10. In Qlik Sense, what does the 'Data Load Editor' do?
a) Edits the visualizations
b) Manages user permissions
c) Loads and transforms data
d) Creates new data sources


Question: 1 Answer: b Question: 2 Answer: a
Question: 3 Answer: c Question: 4 Answer: b
Question: 5 Answer: d Question: 6 Answer: c
Question: 7 Answer: b Question: 8 Answer: a
Question: 9 Answer: d Question: 10 Answer: c

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