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  • The SAS Statistical Business Analyst practice exam provides very good practice for the actual exam. This particular practice is the closest to the actual exam. 
    TIP: (1) For each actual exam that you plan to take, be sure to follow the exam content (subject matter) that is listed on the page. (2) Study the practice exam questions provided by paying careful attention to why the correct response is correct, as well as why the other options are incorrect. (3) Study the parts of the SAS Documentation (available on the web) that are related to the test questions. (4) Use other sources for further clarification, if necessary.
    I passed the exam on 02/01/2016 with a score of 88%. I studied for about 3 weeks prior to taking the exam. Next, I will be taking the Certified Clinical Trials Programmer. 

    Feb 2 2016 - 16:40
  • I would like to appreciate the work done by for the practice exam for SAS BI content developer and specially for the prompt and kind customer support. I got immediate access once my payment done and throughout the time the access was flawless and smooth. I am happy with the content I got in form of practice questions. I have cleared my exam today and questions i faced was easy for me as I have seen same or similar questions while practicing.  

    Jan 27 2016 - 05:47
  • Hi all,
    I cleared sas exam with 77% percentage. This site is good and given me good confidence before exam. i studied 1.5 month SAS (Little sas) and Base sas book by SAS. and took practice set just 10 days before from this site and finaly cleared Base SAS.
    Thanks to this site.

    Jan 16 2016 - 18:33
  • I highly recommend! I studied for about a month and a half. Last 2 weeks I just did the SAS-Exam Practice Exams. I gave the Practice Exam the day before my actual certification test and got scared because I only got 48%. Spent the rest of the day before the exam, reviewing all the problems that I had gotten wrong along the way and what do you know? Day of the exam I passed the actual exam with a 79%! God Digiti Dang! Some of the questions were verbatim from the SAS-exam Practice Exams, so definitely give them! I gave 4 PRactice Exams on and only passed the last one with a 77%.
    Just to note, my background consists of 2 or 3 previous college level computer courses and a lot of experience with VBA in Excel. I also am familiar with C++, Matlab, R, etc. I spent a month studying using the free SAS course on and bought the SAS Certification Prep Guide Base Programming for SAS 9 3rd Edition. Last two weeks just took practice exams and reviewed my mistakes thoroughly. Highly recommend reading the SAS Documentation Online also! Hope this helps fellow SAS Base Programmer aspirants. I did notice it is difficult to get information on how to study for the SAS Certifications, so this is my contribution! Good Luck!!

    Jan 11 2016 - 21:52
  • I have used the premium access for practice exam for sas advanced programmer, all questions are up to date. Practicing on this helped me a lot in achieving 87% in my real exam. Thank you guys. 

    Brian kalew
    Dec 20 2015 - 22:55
  • Your practice tests Helped a lot to cleared my exam BI content developer .. I am happy to share that I have got 83% 
    I have practiced with your web almost 1 month and I am happy that I have invested my money with this web.. thank you guys

    Dec 8 2015 - 19:32
  • I am thankful SAS-EXAM provides this platform for me to practice the exam questions. The practice exams are just very similar to the real exam. The more I practice the better I am. I got 92% in the actual exam. Next step, I am going to prepare for the advanced SAS programming now. 

    Dec 1 2015 - 14:42
  • I passed the exam with 85% with only 1 week as the member of SAS-Exam. This is the real thing! 
    I will start to practice for the advanced SAS programming now.

    Nov 28 2015 - 20:37
  • A very big thanks to sas exam, because i practice 2 exam per day for 3 weeks i got 95% in actual exam. The question was almost similar except few conditions, but you should know the basics too which i think little sas would cover. My sugesstion to all who are preparing for sas exam try this SAS-EXAM. Its really helpful.

    Nov 28 2015 - 15:11
  • I started preparing for the exam 4 months ago but not very intensively - my preparation plan was to work on 2 chapters of 'Learning SAS by example' a week (up to Chapter 21). I also used 'Little SAS book' but there were no excercises there. I started testing at SAS-exam 1 month before the actual exam, I took 12 tests in total and they proved to be very helpful. The exam questions were similar althought please beware of the small differences that might be misleading.There were also some question with free text field (eg how many variables in the output data set or how many observations). If you are not sure about the anwer please take your time to think how SAS operates and what the values are at complilation phase. It is very important to understand the SAS mechanics in order to pass the test. Good luck to you all!

    Nov 17 2015 - 20:30