SAS Certification

What are the exam fees?

Within North America and India, the current fee associated with each exam attempt is $180 USD, except for the Predictive Modeling exam. The Predictive Modeling Using SAS Enterprise Miner exam fee is $250 USD and is only offered through SAS. 

What are short answer questions?

Short answer questions require you type your answer in a text box, rather than select your answer from a choice of 4 options. Typically, you will provide a numeric answer or a short section of SAS programming code. When entering code, case is ignored and all variations of SAS syntax that correctly complete the program are accepted as correct.

What credentials and exams are offered?

 A list of all currently available SAS Global Certification exams can be found on the credentials and exams page.

Can I retake an exam?

Candidates may attempt each certification exam up to five (5) times in a 12-month period, waiting a minimum of 14 days between attempts. Exam charges are incurred for each exam attempt. Exams that do not comply with this retake policy will be considered invalid and will not be eligible for refund and/or a certification credential. Once a passing score is achieved on a specific exam, no further attempts are allowed on that exam.

I need to change my address?

To update your demographic information you will be able to access SAS Certification Records Management and update your information.

Within the Certification Records Management System, it shows that I have "In Progress" exams. I have not taken these exams. What does this mean?

"In progress" exams are exams that you have qualified to take based on your current certifications. These are visible only to you within the Certification Records Management System and are for your reference in obtaining additional certifications.

How can I change my name on my certificate or in the Public Registry?

You will need to contact Pearson VUE, our testing administrator. Pearson VUE verifies all candidate information based on the identification provided when registering for an exam. To ensure the security of your personal account, candidates will be required to provide legal documentation to validate your name change. Acceptable items of documentation must show the current name as well as the new name.

Can I take the SAS Advanced Programming for SAS 9 exam without having to take the SAS Base Programming for SAS 9 exam?

The SAS Certified Base Programmer for SAS 9 credential is a prerequisite to obtaining the SAS Certified Advanced Programmer for SAS 9 credential. If you do not hold a SAS Certified Base Programmer for SAS 9 credential prior to taking and passing the SAS Advanced Programming for SAS 9 exam, the SAS Certified Advanced Programmer for SAS 9 credential will not be awarded until the prerequisite has been met.

How can I obtain my certification logo?

After you earn a SAS Credential, your logo will be available on the SAS Certification Records Management system. Candidates receive an e-mail containing information on accessing this system.

How can I obtain my actual certificate?

After you earn a SAS Credential, your certificate will be available on the SAS Certification Records Management system.

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