Qlik Certification

What are the Minimum Passing Scores for the QLIK Certification Exams?

Qlik Sense

  • Qlik Sense Business Analyst – June 2019 Release, Passing score is 58%
  • Qlik Sense Data Architect – June 2019 Release, Passing score is 58%
  • Qlik Sense System Administrator – June 2019 Release, Passing score is 64%


  • QlikView 12 Business Analyst, Passing score is 65%
  • QlikView 12 Data Architect, Passing score is 73%
  • QlikView 12 System Administrator, Passing score is 65%

How are QLIK Certification Exam Scores Calculated?

Exam scores are calculated by adding up the number of correct answers and determining if this is above or below the minimum passing score for the exam.

If a question requires multiple answers, you must select the exact number of correct answers specified in the question to earn credit for a correct answer. Partial credit is not given.

Is Experience Recommended Prior to Taking a QLIK Certification Exam?

Yes, hands-on, practical experience with QlikView or Qlik Sense in an enterprise environment is highly recommended. These are expert-level exams, and experience with the product is needed.


Is Training Required Prior to Taking a QLIK Certification Exam?

No, but training is highly recommended. Qlik training is one of the first and most important steps for preparing for your certification exam. Refer to the Certifications & Qualifications web page for the complete list of Recommended Preparation Resources.

How to prepare for my certification exam?

Here is the list of the certifications, select relevant certification and check all the details of the same. 
Look for the experience listed under Exam Prerequisites
Get in-depth understanding via the Recommended Preparation Resources
Get hands-on experience with Qlik Sense or QlikView

What if I have a disability?

If you have a disability or limitation, test accommodations may be granted to you. Please read the Pearson VUE Test Accommodations page, then email your request with supporting documentation to certification@qlik.com.

What languages are available for Qlik Certification Exams?

Qlik Certification Exams are available in US English ONLY.
DO NOT schedule your exam on the web site. After your request is registered with Pearson VUE, you will receive an email with a phone number to CALL to schedule your exam. Extra time is NOT available in the standard web registration process.

How much does a Qlik Certification Exam cost?

The exams cost 250 USD each, paid for by credit card when you register through the Pearson VUE website. The amount will be converted into your local currency by your bank because Qlik does not price the exams in multiple currencies.

Where can I take a Qlik Certification Exam?

All exams are delivered by Pearson VUE. They may be taken at a Pearson VUE Test Center or in your home/office using OnVUE online proctoring.

What is the format of the Qlik Certification Exams?

The exams are all multiple-choice questions. If more than one response is required, the question will tell you exactly how many responses are required. Some questions will include an exhibit which should be used to answer the question.

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