IBM Certification

How to register for a IBM Certification exam?

Click on the IBM certificate list page and select the certificate you looking to appear for the exam. Click on Exam Structure and Syllabus link on the page. This Page has all details you may require, including the Exam registration link.

Will that be negative marking for answering incorrectly?

No, there is no be negative marking for answering incorrectly. However you will not earn any mark for the same as well.

How many questions will there be on the exam?

The question numbers on the exam are subject to change as IBM update the certification exam over time to keep current with the technology. Most of the Certification exams contain question between 25 to 60.

What are short answer questions on certification exam?

Short answer questions require you type your answer in a text box, rather than select your answer from a choice of 4 options. Typically, you will provide a numeric answer or a short section of programming code.

What are the exam fees for IBM certificates?

The current fee associated with each exam attempt is $200 USD. This may change without any prior notice by IBM

How can I prepare for my IBM certification exam?

Each IBM certification exam has its own set of preparation strategies. We refer to them as “Exam Structure & Syllabus”. Go to “certification details” and you can find them on the Web pages associated with individual exams. The pages also show the number of questions in the exam, the duration of the exam, the areas you will be tested on, the required passing score, and recommended course work and content you can reference. You can also find a selection of sample questions that can help you to better understand the type of questions to expect in the exam.
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