QSSA2019: Preparation Tips to Earn the Qlik Sense System Administrator Certification!!

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Explore the proven study tips and practice test questions to earn the QSSA2019 certification. Gain more knowledge on System Administrator skills through this blog.

Overview of the Qlik Sense System Administrator QSSA2019 Certification:

QSSA2019 or the Qlik Sense System Administrator Certification Exam checks your ability to identify demands for environments, install and set up Qlik Sense Enterprise, manage different situations, and monitor and troubleshoot various issues.

What Is the QSSA2019 Exam Structure?

The QSSA2019 exam is of a multiple-choice type that you need to take within 2 hours. You must get a 64% mark to pass the QSSA2019 certification exam.

Prerequisites to Take the QSSA2019 Exam:

The QSSA2019 certification candidate must possess the following qualities-

  • He must possess at least 6 months of experience as an administrator of a Microsoft Windows Server-based environment.

  • The aspirant must possess the experience to work with Qlik Sense sites and the Qlik Management Console to offer data and application governance, library maintenance, and user and application security.

  • You should be able to manage the policies and options that run the Qlik Sense servers and applications.

  • The aspirant must possess the experience to create rules and manage the visualization streams.

  • You should know Active Directory configuration and networking, proxies, intermediate web servers, load balancers, etc.

  • The potential QSSA2019 candidate must be familiar with Windows tools and logs created (e.g., Event Viewer, Services Console, DCOM Console, Windows Registry)

  • Experience using NSLookUp, Telnet, Ping, NetStat, Fiddler, and other browser tools to troubleshoot connectivity, interoperability, configuration, performance, etc.

Syllabus Topics Covered under the Qlik Sense System Administration Certification

You will be learning the following topics while you prepare for the QSSA2019 certification exam-

  • Identify Requirements (24% of the exam)

  • Design Application (32% of the exam)

  • Prepare and Load Data (20% of the exam)

  • Develop Application (24% of the exam)

Preparation Tips to Pass the QSSA2019 Certification Exam:

Cover the QSSA2019 Syllabus Topics:

The success in Qlik Sense System Administrator certification is highly dependent on covering the syllabus topics from the core. The "Manage Content" syllabus domain covers the maximum weightage; therefore, focus more on that section. But do not ignore the other sections, too, as you will be facing a multiple-choice exam, and covering every domain becomes essential. The more is your grasp of the syllabus topics; the more is the scope to pass the exam on your first attempt.

Get Ready with A Study Plan:

Having a study plan is essential if you are planning to cover the syllabus topics on time. Write down the syllabus topics on a chart, and mark out a few topics that you want to cover on a specific day. Once you set the daily study goals, you will be able to work more productively on a few topics. You don't need to study for a longer time when you decide to work on a few topics daily with utmost devotion.

Maximize Your Learning Potential:

Only studying and learning is not enough; you must remember what you have learned, and writing habit helps you. Make notes out of the essential topics to use during your revision.

Explore Sample Questions to Widen Your Knowledge:

There are multiple sample questions available over the internet Qlik also provides some practice questions to make you familiar with the exam pattern. Avail these questions to check your knowledge base or learn something new.

Join the QSSA2019 Training:

Joining the QSSA2019 training would help you highly to understand the practical aspects of the exam. You can join the Deploy and Administer Qlik Sense certification training to boost your knowledge.

Deploy and Administer Qlik Sense is a two days long technical course that offers you the information, techniques, tools, and skills necessary to deploy, set up, configure, and maintain Qlik Sense Enterprise on a Windows platform. Moreover, you will explore security architecture configurations, load balancing, and single sign-on methods. Therefore, take benefit of Qlik Sense’s enterprise-class governance capabilities for ensuring quality, accuracy, and security of data and analytics.

Keep Assessing Your Learning through Practice Tests:

It is important to assess if you are ready for the exam. You can do it easily through online QSSA2019 practice tests. Avail of these time-based tests to get valuable insights and determine where you stand in exam preparation. Work more on the areas you are lacking and get ready for a better score in the actual exam. Practice Tests are the best tools to make you familiar with the exam structure; therefore, use them for maximum benefit.

What Skills Would be Helpful to Work As A System Administrator?

As a QSSA2019 system administrator, you’ll need to develop a core set of skills that will help you to make sure the systems in your organization are running smoothly. Here are some of the top skills that you need to acquire.

Earn In-depth Knowledge of Operating Systems:

It does not matter whether you work on Windows, Linux, or Mac; hiring managers search for competency to administer the operating system used in their organization. Windows and Linux operating systems are widely embraced and are good systems to start with; therefore, keep in-depth knowledge on the topics.

Become Familiar with Hardware:

Working on physical devices such as printers or servers will be an important part of a system administrator's job.

Make Your Communication and Interpersonal Skills Stronger:

In addition to working on a team, system administrators will require to help other employees that don’t have the same technical background through help desk support or other means. Therefore, having a key communication skills will be a key part of a system administrator’s successful daily tasks.

Bottom Line:

System Administrators are demanded highly across the globe; therefore, grabbing system administration certifications are highly beneficial for your career. Therefore, earn the Qlik Sense System Administration, the QSSA2019 certification.

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