A00-274: Have You Solved the Premium Practice Test Questions to Get Your SAS Visual Modeling Certification?

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A00-274 is an important SAS certification that tests your skills regarding SAS Visual Modeling. Therefore, start solving A00-274 practice test questions to become SAS certified in no time.

Who Should Take the A00-274 Certification Exam?

The A00-274 certification is created for analysts who use SAS Visual Statistics for exploratory and model fitting, predictive modeling, and analysis in a business situation.

What Knowledge Should You Possess to Pass the A00-274 Certification Exam?

You must possess the following skills-

  • Modifying and comparing models.

  • Assessing model goodness of fit.

  • Creating and exploring predictive models with continuous and categorical targets.

  • Building and exploring descriptive models.

  • Performing model validation.

  • Scoring models.

Details of the A00-274 Certification Exam:

SAS and Pearson VUE administer the A00-274 exam; therefore, register yourself with Pearson Vue. The A00-274 certification exam is a 58 questions long exam with short-answer, multiple-choice, and interactive questions. You will face interactive questions that simulate the SAS Visual Statistics user interface. The exam asks the candidate to configure a portion of SAS Visual Statistics to offer a specific visualization. You must obtain a score of 68 percent to pass the exam and earn the SAS Interactive Model Building and Exploration Using SAS Visual Statistics 8.4 certification.

Preparation Tips to Earn the A00-274 Certification:

Join the A00-274 Training:

The A00-274 certification introduces SAS Visual Statistics for making predictive models in an interactive, exploratory way. The classroom and Live Web course are suitable for users of SAS Visual Analytics in SAS Viya 3.5. There is training for users of SAS Visual Analytics in SAS Viya 3.5, In e-learning. You can choose the classroom, e-learning, and web-classroom training.

Through the certification training, an aspirant learns how to use SAS Visual Statistics to

  • Perform regression and logistic regression modeling.

  • Perform decision tree modeling.

  • Determine useful preferences and settings.

  • Create segments, or clusters, of input variables.

  • Perform statistical analysis of data of any size.

  • Create a report with pages.

  • Perform stratified model fitting.

  • Perform model validation.

  • Compare models.

Explore the A00-274 Exam Structure:

The preparation for the A00-274 exam starts with exploring the exam structure, as the study pattern for multiple-choice and descriptive-type exams differ highly. If you are aware of the exam structure, studying for the exam becomes easy. Multiple-choice exams need you to put more effort into remembering the syllabus domains better. Therefore, go through the official page at the beginning and explore the important links.

Learn from the SAS Visual Modeling Syllabus:

You must score higher if you want to stand apart in the crowd, and learning the syllabus topics from the core plays an important role in scoring better. Therefore, study hard and grasp the A00-274 syllabus from the core. The A00-274 exam covers the following domains-

  • Model comparison and scoring

  • Building and assessing regression-type models

  • Building and assessing segmentation models

  • SAS visual statistics cross-functional tasks

You must grasp all syllabus domains from the core, but the Building and assessing regression-type models domain covers most of the syllabus. Therefore, keep more time for this domain when you get ready for the certification exam.

Follow A Study Routine:

Covering the syllabus topics is a task for many, but it becomes simple if you follow a specific study schedule until the exam day. You can mention your daily targets, goals, and aspirations on this chart, so you can avoid the day-to-day hassles, and only following the chart becomes enough.

A habit of reading and writing proves to be beneficial for many aspirants. Recalling the whole syllabus could be a challenge for many aspirants, but the writing habit helps you to recall the studied portion easily and revise quicker with the help of these notes.

Check Your Preparation Level with A00-274 Practice Test:

Only studying is not going to earn you success in the A00-274 exam. Therefore, keep your preparation level checked with regular assessments. A00-274 practice tests work as the best self-analysis tool that helps the aspirant to face the real exam-like questions within a timed environment. If you have good time management skills, you can attempt the maximum number of questions in the exam. Many candidates become unsuccessful in the A00-274 exam because they cannot manage time and face the real exam condition for the first time.

Dumps are easily available for the exam, but you will miss out on the self-assessment stage if you choose dumps. Therefore, choose A00-274 practice tests and improve your preparation level gradually. Therefore, keep on using A00-274 practice tests, and keep improving.

Bottom Line:

Having the SAS certification is the key to earning credibility, recognition, and a better salary. Therefore, study hard and get ready for the A00-274 certification.

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