Cloudera Certification

Can I review my test or specific test questions and answers?

Cloudera certification tests adhere to the industry standard for high-stakes certification tests, which includes the protection of all test content. As a certifying body, Cloudera does not provide exam items in any other format than a proctored environment.

What are the prerequisites for the Cloudera certification?

There are no prerequisites. Anyone can take a Cloudera Certification Test at any time.

What is the validity of the Cloudera certificat?

CCA certifications are valid for two years and CCP certifications are valid for three years. CCDH, CCAH, and CCSHB certifications align to a specific CDH release and remain valid for that version. Once that CDH version retires or the certification or exam retires, your certification retires.

What is Cloudera’s retake policy?

Candidates who fail an exam must wait a period of thirty days, beginning the day after the failed attempt, before they may retake the same exam. You may take the exam as many times as you want until you pass, however, each attempt will cost; Cloudera offers no discounts for retake exams. Retakes are not allowed after the successful completion of a test.

Does the exam proctor have access to my computer or its contents?

No. Innovative Exams does not install any software on your computer. The only access the Innovative Exams proctor has to your computer is the webcam and desktop sharing facilitated by your web browser. Please note that Innovative Exams provides a virtual lockdown browser system that utilizes secure communications and encryption using the temporary Chrome extension. Upon the completion of the exam, the proctor's "view-only access" is automatically removed.

What may I have at my desk during the exam?

For CCA exams and CCAH, a candidate may not drink, eat, or have anything on his or her desk. The candidate's desk must be free of all materials. The candidate should not use headphones or leave the desk or the exam session for any reason. He or she must not sit in front of a bright light (be backlight). The candidate's face must be clearly visible to the proctor at all times. The candidate must be alone.

How to launch my exam?

Login at, click "My Exams", and follow the instructions after selecting the exam that you want to start.

What do I need on the day of my exam?

One form of government issued photo identification for example driver's license or passport in English. You will be required to provide a means of photo identification before the exam can be launched. If acceptable proof of identification is not provided to the proctor prior to the exam, you will be refused entry to the exam.
You must also consent to having your photo taken. The proctor will not release the exam to you until identification has been successfully verified and you have agreed to the terms and conditions of the exam.
No refund or rescheduling is provided when an exam cannot be started due to failure to provide proper identification.

What happens if I don't show up for my exam on scheduled date?

You are marked as a no-show for the exam and Your exam fees are forfeited.

How can I retrieve my lost password?

To retrieve a forgotten password, please visit:

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